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12 June 2010

Peppa Pig Game 1 This was a surprise. A Peppa Pig toy I haven't seen before. And, it won 'Children's Game of the Year' at the 2009 Toy Fair. With the amount of time I'm forced to spend in toy aisles browsing through shelf after shelf of toys, I thought I'd seen ALL the Peppa Pig merchandising by now. It is a shame as this game looks great. The Peppa Pig: tumble and spin memory game is available at the moment for £6.49 at - that's about half price and delivery is free.

You spin Peppa Pig on the electronic spinner, and wait till she stops. The player that Peppa is then pointing at, is given instructions by Peppa - she tells you how many cards can be turned over. If a card is turned over and has the player's character on it, then you get to keep it. If it's not your character you have to put it back. Up to four players can participate, and you can choose to play as Peppa Pig or one of her friends from the show. There are six character cards to collect - the winner gets their six first. The recommended age for the game is three years plus.

Peppa Pig Game 2The reason I'm so excited is that it sounds a lot like a high-tech version of a game I had when I was a kid, and it was one of my favourites. Only that one was based on Skippy The Bush Kangaroo! Now I have the satisfaction of knowing that all parents of a certain age who've read that will now be walking around with the theme music in their heads.

Thanks to Cherish138 at HUKD!

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