Peppa Pig Rocket Torch & Nightlight only £15.95 @ Zavvi

Peppa PigNow this is a great price for a rather unusual toy. It’s perfect for every little girl that adores Peppa Pig. In fact, there are few girls I know that don’t own everything to do with Peppa Pig. She’s that famous in kiddy land.

Retailing at prices ranging from £21.21 @ Amazon to £17.93 @ Love Film, this Peppa Pig Rocket Torch and Nightlight is a bargain at £15.95 including free delivery from Zavvi.

You can drop this price down even further by texting Zavvi to 82100 and receiving a unique code to get £1 off your purchase.

So what exactly does this toy do? Well, when you attach the rocket to the base provided it becomes a lovely night light, perfectly suited to leaving on at night to ease your little one’s fears. In the morning she can pull it off the base and turn it into a LED torch.peppa pig2

When the torch runs out just put it back onto the base to recharge it. The entire unit is fully portable and has no mains cables. It runs entirely off batteries.

There’s an easily accessible button to switch the toy on and off and it comes with the relevant batteries included. It’s approximately 16cm high x 10cm wide. It’s perfect for kids aged three years and older.


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