Pay Your Age In Your Birthday Month @ Build-a-Bear

Pay Your Age Offer @ Build-a-Bear

The Pay Your Age event at Build-a-Bear was hugely popular, with hundreds of families queuing for hours to get a bargain bear. Luckily you don't need to queue like that again, as Build-a-Bear have launched a new pay your age scheme called Count Your Candles, with a special Birthday Treat Bear and a birthday ceremony in store!

Each year in the month of your child's birthday they will be able to go into a store and get the special Birthday Bear and just pay £1 for each year of their age. So a four year old will pay just £4, a five year old £5 and so on. These bears normally cost £14, so it's a great offer to pay your age instead.

This is an in store offer only, and you need to be a member of the free Build-a-Bear Bonus Club, and you can register online here*.

As well as the cut-price bear your child can get more extra treats when they collect their Birthday Treat Bear. They will get to pop in an extra special birthday heart, and have a birthday ceremony with a birthday hat and sticker, ring the birthday bell, get to take a picture with the birthday cake prop, and even have Happy Birthday sung to them.

You can find full details of the Count Your Candles promotion here*.

(UF LISA HOL) Pay Your Age On Your Birthday @ Build-a-Bear

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  • Diane G.

    ....we’ll have to remember in February

  • Sarah D.

    So do we get one for free when baby is born ? Lol xx

  • Claire N.

    Yeah you have to take them but can go anytime in the birthday month. Thinking of taking lena on tuesday maybe x

  • Gillian C.

    She wouldn’t pick that one, she would go and pick the dearest one there

  • Ashleigh T.

    £3 build a birthday bear, erm yes please! We’ll have to do it with him when me and him are back from Butlins for his bday xx

  • Allun M.

    We'll definitely be getting one for Phoebe, we're part of their member club thing.

  • Sasha-Marie G.

    Oh wish I’d of seen this :weary: xx

  • Kristen B.

    We got 1 today :grin::grin:. X

  • Laura L.

    Might be a silly question but who's details do u put in when signing up mine or my sons?

  • Angela G.

    Yes I got signed up so what do we do just show up on the month of their birthday xx

  • Barbara L.

    Yup! Was in today to see if they’d give him it early but nope!

  • Lynne T.

    yeah, I think so. By the looks of it you don't get to choose your bear, it's just a plain bear but you can pay extra I think to jazz it up xxx

  • Julia S.

    2 more trips to York yipee :heart_eyes::grin::grin:

  • Diane G.

    We could take them together...Molly would love that xx

  • Claire R.

    Thanks. I’m going to go up xx

  • Joanne G.

    Yeah it's the whole month.

  • RichBex G.

    Does anyone know if the child needs to be present or can you go without them??

  • Abbie G.

    most DEFINATELY!! I'll he doing this for them then xxx

  • Lisa W.

    Yes the child needs to be with you

  • Julie L.

    This may be a bit less crazy than the last one x

  • Adam C.

    Yeh think we will do this lol :joy:

  • Megan N.

    So can I go when he’s born:thinking::joy:xx

  • Hannah A.

    It says you have to register for it it’s called count the candles, I think as long as you go in the month of his birthday... so maybe all November? If you register :wink:

  • Leila S.

    I’ve signed up... what now to be eligible? It’s my daughters birthday on Wednesday so would be a lovely treat!

  • Sarah S.

    Thanks. Think we’ll probably do this with Rose. We ended up with a voucher from Build a Bear as a result of the pay your age fiasco. It actually made James’ bear cost even less than his age - bonus! x

  • Julie W.

    Just go in to any store some might ask for a birth certificate but as long as your childs birthday is in that month then you will only pay their age xx

  • Leila S.

    Julie Whitelaw excellent thank you. I’ve never actually done the whole build a bear thing with my two and my daughter turns 7 on Wednesday so I think it’s about time!!!

  • Toni W.

    You put yours, but you have to take the child with you x

  • Helen M.

    Is it the child's birthday you put in on the application to sign up?! I'm assuming so...but the rest is all obviously the adult? X

  • Julie W.

    Leila Sandford they will love it i think i get more excited thsn the kids just watch with any accessories you get for it, you can end up spending a fortune on them and remember before you pay go to the wee screens and your kids can make up a birth certificate for their bear xx

  • Lorraine J.

    I got this gorgeous bear today for my 1 year old daughter. She was 1 last week and it only cost me a pound. Absoulty delighted. All we needed was her passport to prove her age :heart_eyes:

  • Paul S.

    Could be worth looking at x

  • Victoria A.

    Think trip to Bridgend is needed

  • Chris D.

    Great, thanks for that, looks good.

  • Jemma J.

    I want to know this as would love to do it for moo ha. I can take fifi on her birthday month then x

  • Alex R.

    Ahhhh thanks hun!!!!! :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1: Xxx

  • Stacey S.

    There is a sale on the clothes is well, we had the birthday shirt for £2.40 x

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