Pay Your Age Day @ Build-A-Bear

Pay Your Age Day @ Build-A-Bear

EDIT 13/07/18: Build-a-Bear are issuing vouchers to all Bonus Club Members who log into their account before 18th July 2018 as a response to yesterday's Pay Your Age Day event. Read their statement in full here*.

Pay Your Age Day @ Build-A-Bear

Pay Your Age Day @ Build-A-Bear

EDIT 11.30am 12/07/18: If you're not already in a queue at a Build-a-Bear store then don't go, as they're no longer accepting any guests for the offer. Here's their statement:

"Per local authorities, our Meadowhall, Telford and Basingstoke locations will be closed for the remainder of the day due to extreme crowds and safety concerns. Please note: all stores in the U.K. are reporting similar crowds and lines, and they can no longer accept additional Guests for this event. The response to our Pay Your Age Day event has been overwhelming and unprecedented. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding at this time."

Are you ready for an awesome deal from Build-a-Bear? They are running a Pay Your Age Day offer on 12th July where children pay £1 per year of their age for a bear! So a 4 year old can get a bear for £4, a 5 year old pays £5 and so on...

This offer is in store only, on Thursday 12th July, and is for Build-a-Bear Bonus Club Members only. The good news is if you're not already a member you can sign up for FREE now on the link above and take part in the offer. You just create an account and sign up for their free email newsletter, and you're in.

So get signed up, if you're not already, and keep checking your emails!

  • Offer is in stores only, on 12th July 2018
  • Limit is one per guest, and they have to be with you at the time of purchase.
  • Each guest can purchase one furry friend for each person they are shopping with that day.
  • No guest will pay more than £25 for a furry friend.
  • Children under 1 year will pay £1.
  • Offer is exclusive for Bonus Club Members to purchase, and the child must be present with them on the day.
  • Some exclusions do apply, and outfits and accessories are extra.
  • No birth certificate is required as proof of age.
  • Offer is while stocks last.

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  • Louise F.

    sign up to the bonus club and you get your smallest ones their bears for £3 - it's only valid on Thursday tho!!

  • Gail S.

    I know it’ll be expensive for you, but the kids might buy you one :joy::joy:

  • Lyndsay J.

    looks like it’s in store only. We having a run out

  • Jilly S.

    That would be expensive

  • Lorraine C.

    Mine will be expensive lmao :joy:

  • Emma W.

    Literally just looking at this!! :open_mouth::smiley:

  • Jacqueline P.

    I’m guessing it would be free or £1 for Matilda!

  • Hannah C.

    Do you have to take the child with you does anyone no x

  • Emma W.

    Quite a few people are saying it’s the small ones for £3 but apparently they’re going to release details soon.. sounds good right!

  • Jacqueline P.

    Yeah it’ll be good to find out... knowing my luck I’d take her and she’d want one not on promotion and I’d spend a bomb but here’s hoping there’s decent ones included

  • Dannii P.

    We would take her but its her only full nursery day and I can't even imagine the queues (Chris said he'd rather pay extra 15quid not to queue. Ha) You taking Maggie for one? X

  • Lynne B.

    That’s a great deal! Will sign up now x

  • Emma W.

    Ha ha very true, probably what they’re hoping.. i haven’t got that issue yet :joy:

  • Carly W.

    Does this apply to the outlet stores?

  • Annie G.

    That's really good but it's only instore x

  • Emma K.

    It's a very good offer... And we're in Brum anyway that day for Sea Life.

  • Symantha W.

    Oooh Amelia has been begging to go here!

  • Jo R.

    i was just tagging u lol just registered malc get urself registered haha

  • Jenny C.

    Sign up, take her Thursday & bag a bear for £6, can’t moan at that, sign Ayla up & get her one for £1 :grin:

  • Symantha W.

    How do I sign her up I've put my details in doesn't ask for kids

  • Gemma L.

    Take kaeli add an extra to get collection xx

  • Jenny C.

    It’s just so you get the newsletter email with all the details as it’ll be a build a bear club special so you might need to print it out etc. I don’t really know as I’ve never signed up & it’s just typical we are away on holiday :sob:

  • Jo B.

    Yesss and he’s a member too thank you

  • Symantha W.

    I'll see if it comes through. It's a good deal for sure xx

  • Kelly P.

    I'll take Autumn

  • Jenny C.

    That’s what online orders are for

  • Faye P.

    Sounds good but can’t go get one Thursday lol xx

  • Sarah C.

    I’m not sure? Carina got her one for her christening anyway. I’ve only got it out for her once or twice though as I want to keep it nice haha xx

  • Eddie K.

    Already saw this yesterday. No store near by

  • Sarah J.

    Me and Joshie are going on Thursday :thumbsup:

  • Holly S.

    Omg i need to go to this xx

  • Rich P.

    I’ve just looked at this x

  • Holly S.

    She definitely has enough haha! But she would love this :thinking:

  • Natasha C.

    Aberdeen one doesn’t exist anymore :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

  • Holly S.

    Trip to Exeter on Thursday I think :hugging::hugging:

  • Lisa W.

    Do you have to put there details in?

  • Katie B.

    I didn’t click on the link to see the date ooops lol xx

  • Rachael F.

    Mateeee I've cut my two off :no_good_tone2: they can barely get in their beds :rolling_eyes: xx

  • Michelle S.

    would only be £2 too. She’d love making it herself xx

  • Kelly B.

    Oh class, you signed up to it?

  • Hannah C.

    Is it online or just in store?

  • Erica S.

    Will let you no need take kids beach one day this week

  • Mathew A.

    Love to get the kids them

  • Leigh A.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: 15 ponies and paw patrols dogs :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Lorna K.

    Any Harrold she’d have to go Thursday thou.

  • Dawn S.

    Oooo I’m a member of this club all ready :grin: is it in shop only?

  • Gail H.

    We saw that, might take a trip to the metro centre on Thurs x

  • Zeena S.

    What if your child is 8 months? Bear for 80p?!? Lol

  • Abi T.

    No I’m sorry I am NOT paying £31 for a bear :scream::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Diane F.

    I would have to pay £32 that expensive :joy::joy:xx

  • Diane D.

    I am not paying £32 for a bear :bear::joy::joy:x

  • Caitlin C.

    Hahaha. Very funny. :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Xxx

  • Lyndsay D.

    Was just typing the same thing x x

  • Suzanne M.

    The Bath one has closed down now x

  • Claire D.

    Oh I didn’t check the date, I’m at work! Maybe it’s for the best, I don’t think I could cope with queues and all those exciting cuddly toys and clothes...she’d be off! :monkey_face: xx

  • Karen P.

    Ooh thanks! We are members already so that’s cool!

  • Amie H.

    It's awesome isn't it.... the most expensive bear in store is £20 So Toby would get it for £3 and they have Spider-Man, Batman & Superman outfits as well as loads of others xxx

  • Hannah H.

    There’s one in west quay!!!!

  • Amie H.

    I know Cheshire oaks ate doing it as the lady told me about it last week x

  • Jackie P.

    That'll cost me a bomb... £56 for a bear!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally S.

    I was just going to tag u both in this

  • Holly S.

    I wonder if it's on any build a bear or just their original bears and bunny's xx

  • Zoë H.

    Yea definitely, I'm sure Ty and Ayda are signed up, just checking now, will need to sign Eli up x

  • Sophie H.

    This is amazing!!! It’s Thursday only! I’m going :joy::joy::laughing:

  • Sarah H.

    It would literally be £3?! Have you signed up?

  • Paige R.

    So I’d pay £1 and so would you do they can get a build a bear xxx

  • Zoë H.

    Tyla has an account, i must have signed him up with my details, is it just one account we need to have to get the offer regardless of how many bears we make?x

  • Danielle L.

    She’s not bothered about them anymore :cry: x

  • Becky P.

    Yes in store only on Thurs

  • Claire R.

    Cool, but we won’t be able to go :disappointed:

  • Danielle G.

    I’m working all day Thursday :weary: Although I could go after I suppose x

  • Sarah C.

    Yes I was wondering about this? Is it your date of birth or your child’s because it doesn’t seem to go through with your child’s?

  • BiancaJade R.

    Where’s our closet xxxx

  • Lucy B.

    We are :grin: praying it's not manic in there

  • Hanna D.

    if only we could get to one!!!

  • Leigha C.

    I may still take the kids in morning if I can be bothered to drive there xx

  • Emma P.

    Bloody cheap for Ellie too :joy: Xx

  • Kathryn F.

    I saw this but phoebe has so many teddies I’m not sure I can handle one more lol xx

  • Georgia M.

    Was gonna take her up but it’s an awful trek- I’d be the same price buying online as I’d be with train fair and lunch etc xx

  • Laura M.

    Oh that's good isn't it x

  • Gill G.

    There’s one in braehead and Livingston x

  • Sal P.

    Saw this yesterday... Need to see where the nearest build a bear is x

  • Sarah F.

    Thanks, I looked at this but it’s on Thursday and I’m working :weary: would have been her birthday sorted right out too xx

  • Karyn D.

    There is one in Basingstoke which isn't too far, I will see if I can get there! X

  • Sinead Q.

    Gonna head down tomorrow but John thinks we’re mad

  • Steph B.

    min £1 but £1 is cheap worth getting her one while your there but you do need to register her for a birthday account

  • Hayley S.

    I no im at work aswell:rolling_eyes: x

  • Liane S.

    He'll be at nursery but gunna get him early and take him too xx

  • Lindsay F.

    Aw Jesus haha I’m gonna go in the morning but no accessories their shoes r more than mines :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:xx

  • Sarah C.

    I know...wondering if the star wars bears will be in it!

  • Michelle T.

    We are all going tomorrow xx

  • Hannah B.

    Wish I could take the girls! x

  • Vicki H.

    I saw this, and decided it would be manic, and by the time I have paid petrol and parking and the accessories. ..wouldn't be a bargain! X

  • Leanne M.

    Id be there but work comes first

  • Ruth T.

    Great price for O! We so don't need any more stuffed toys but kids would love it....

  • Carley M.

    Such a shame my daughter is at school and it’s over an hour to our closest one :(

  • Sarah E.

    I think Hywel would kill me :see_no_evil::joy:xxx

  • Steph B.

    Is there one at the trafford centre??xx

  • Lauren F.

    I've been trying to make an account for days to take him but site down xx

  • Ruth M.

    :joy::joy: I was looking at this last night. Still have to pay a whole pound for his!:scream::scream: sadly we can’t get down their tomorrow either x

  • Montanna T.

    Thanks Hun! I’ve signed up!

  • Claire S.

    OMG I would rather wait another day and pay full price than wait in that :open_mouth:

  • Jo B.

    The Glades in Bromley has such a big queue its split in two.

  • Lisa S.

    They are turning people away from a 5 hour que in Bromley!!!!! :scream: so we went to the Disney store instead! They still have their sale on so all good :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

  • Tracey O.

    It’s never going to happen is it ? There is simply not enough time for all those children to build a bear !! Tx

  • Jen R.

    Southampton one a nightmare

  • Stacy M.

    Can you imagine how busy it will be after school?! xx

  • Emilie S.

    It is :see_no_evil: not even going to attempt going now :(((

  • Sharon B.

    omg its one time I don't want to take the kids to build-a-bear =D xx

  • Emma M.

    They aren't letting anyone else join at bhead apparnetly! Madness! Lol x

  • Ria A.

    It was stupid the que went round the back of Vic centre to the parts where deliveries come in near the bins NO THANK YOU! Straight to Disney store hahaha

  • Sarah F.

    Ridiculous...would have taken at least 3 or 4 hours so left x

  • Kirsty L.

    They’ve closed Meadowhall branch due to safety :open_mouth:

  • Jessica B.

    Think we will take the girls another day

  • Claire F.

    Anyone been to Colchester ? What’s it like ?

  • Gayle M.

    Joanne Wallace it's closed rest of uk now , they've got enough waiting and can't accept any more

  • Julie L.

    Haha eh maybe we will pass lol x

  • Stacy M.

    They've closed 3 stores already!! xx

  • Jen R.

    We saw queue and walked away I know some stores have closed already

  • Faye L.

    I was gonna go to metro but costs £10 fuel and then by the time you add on an outfit for the teddy and the smell etc it all adds up.. last thing he needs is another teddy lol Xx

  • Emily W.

    Build a bear must be struggling... good way to boost your sales tho ... outfits cost a fortune, well played as people will spend more !!

  • Shellie M.

    Insane! The queue was outside braehead when I left! Rather pay full price than wait in that. Screaming kids & irate parents...hellish!

  • Danielle R.

    Blackpool was the same. Safe to say I didn’t queue. I’d rather pay full price than be in that queue!!!

  • Rachelle L.

    that is my local store... wont be going with the kids later lol not if that busy

  • Sara D.

    Imagine all the people that get turned away because they won’t have enough stock :grimacing:

  • Kimberly D.

    :open_mouth: I was so so lucky! In and out in 15 mins! I couldn’t believe that some ppl actually kept their kids off primary school to go!

  • Nikki S.

    It’s only the best that you pay your age,the outfits and accessories are all full price apparently so it will still cost a fortune by the time your wee one has chose what they want on the bear. Just a way of pulling in more people and it’s clearly worked :see_no_evil:

  • Claire L.

    I seen a video of the Build the Bear in Bury earlier :astonished: it was sooo busy !

  • Lindsey J.

    I know they have stopped it now lol said they can't take any more customers x

  • Nicola H.

    Same in bury. We gave up after 45 minutes waiting. It’s a good 3 to 4 hour wait!!!x

  • Rose B.

    They are stopping people joining the ques now gonna be a lot of disappointed children today x

  • Chelsea C.

    Lynnes at Maidstone in the queue for Lola x

  • Helen F.

    We'll still go and look x

  • Karen W.

    I think if I gave my kids the choice and told them they can have a bear if u stand In that queue or we can go to the park they would choose park hands down.

  • Laura H.

    Apparently now you can get the “pay your age” anytime in your birthday month. X

  • Hannah L.

    I’ve been trying to sign up for the last 24 to 36 hours it says I have an account already which I don’t, even try forget password and it doesn’t work . I think maybe they’re just having an overwhelming response online too which is causing the website to throw out some old results when trying to sign up ? Anyone Else having trouble signing up online to the bonus club? I didn’t bother going yesterday as knew it would be madness and too busy

  • Emma G.

    Says my password it wrong when I try logging I :(

  • Amy F.

    Already on it :grin: thanks though x

  • Stephanie T.

    I had that yesterday..i tried to sign up n it said i was already a never recieved any emails or or money off vouchers at all ever...but i checked today n ive got the voucher intrigued to know how they know when its ur child bday month coz theres no option to add childrens bdays like u could with toys r kids loved getting bday cards of build a bear do something similar

  • Stephanie T.

    Took me ages with the password..i did the uppercase/lowercase/number but i forgot to add on an extra worked with adding a symbol

  • Alison M.

    You go in store with the kids birth certificate in the month of their birth for the count the candles offer

  • Vicky L.

    Ooh braw. I'll go do that just now. Thanks xxx

  • Lauren S.

    That’s good, although I’ll need two :see_no_evil: hahaha! X

  • Roberta M.

    try to sign in with facebook, ive never had an account but its let me sign in and given me one

  • Hannah L.

    Hi thanks for response Have it a go and just said error :disappointed:

  • Jacqueline H.

    Yeah got my email yesterday xx

  • Claire N.

    Weird I didn't get email x

  • Nicola P.

    We were told you dont need a birth certificate as they are not allowed to ask for things like that, tgis was from a member of staff but will take it just in case as surely they need to check when their bday is x

  • Kelly H.

    Omg those queues are ridiculous thank goodness we didn’t go xx

  • Jodi J.

    I got the voucher yesterday! Just as decent as pay your age- probably even cheaper for people who’s kids are over ten! :joy: glad I never waited! xx

  • Emma F.

    If your go to create account put your name and email account and put the password as Password1@ it sends you a link follow the link and you'll get on the account if you have one xx

  • Amanda R.

    We should go next week on lunch x

  • Louise M.

    No good if you planned on buying for more than one child x

  • Christine C.

    I got one :joy: and I can take him in again to get one for another £1!! So Lacey happy xx

  • Vicky M.

    It’s one voucher per transaction so just download as many as you need and buy them separately :wink: x

  • Hannah L.

    Thanks Emma but the problem I am having is it says I have an account already (tried 6 times) and says will send me an email to verify and I haven’t got one and first tried at 7 am this morning and still no email to confirm :disappointed:

  • Courtney G.

    I have 3 vouchers but all have same number at bottom left?! Anyone else noticed that with more than 1 voucher?

  • Amy S.

    Oh That’s good!! Bella will be pleased haha x

  • Lauren R.

    It was 1 bear per club member anyways

  • Joanne S.

    Every voucher has the same number, it’s a generic one x

  • Hannah L.

    Hi all I’ve managed it now, signed hubby up with his email and it worked using your password trick Emma. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

  • Fi M.

    Lauren Ross it was 1 per guest and children didn’t need to be members of the club they just needed to be accompanied by an adult that was.

  • Heather M.

    I wish I was a bonus club member but for some reason it just doesn't take my details (tried on many occasions for over a week now) when I click submit it just wipes them out each time tried for both of my daughters :slight_frown:

  • Emma F.

    I was having trouble getting on my account as I forgot my password and I wasn't getting the email to reset my password so I messaged build a bear and they told me to do that and it worked xx

  • Emma F.

    And glad it helped uses both. X

  • Hannah L.

    I had the same problem and tried a new different email address and it worked. Also a tip I was given was go to create account and use password as Password1@ It worked for me after 2 days of trying

  • Becky M.

    You little star! Just logged in and found the voucher. X

  • Marie O.

    I’ve received my voucher have you x

  • Lindsey L.

    Mines coming up as a dollar discount

  • Emma K.

    Got 2 bears today with £12 off each one-need 2 different email address but same voucher was used

  • Donna L.

    Not worked here! Any other tricks??

  • Hannah L.

    I tried a different email address and jt worked All else fails email guest services x

  • Vicki C.

    Yes! Been one for sometime but unsurprisingly I can’t get into my account atm!!

  • Lucy S.

    Thanks hun I will look into it :thumbsup:xx

  • Colette Y.

    I’ve already screen shot mine just got to get around to going now lol

  • Fiona S.

    You need to register not your child. The member signing up needs to be over 18. Could this be why is wiping the form clear? I also tried signing up my son using his details and had the same problem.

  • Kate R.

    Yeah I’ve got one I logged into my bonus club :slight_smile:

  • Sally B.

    I couldn't do account on their website as kept logging me out but I was able to log in through Facebook and receive my £12 voucher! X

  • Joanne D.

    I have an account so got mine :ok_hand_tone2: will use it towards Logan’s next Birthday bear :grimacing:

  • Kelly D.

    I can’t get into mine either x

  • Claire H.

    Oooh no will have a look x

  • Emma P.

    Isn’t it going on till the end of the year x

  • Louise A.

    Iv got mine today screen shot it for when I'm in store

  • Liz O.

    Very clever from BaB , making loads of money from just offering 12 quid off - not getting a Pokémon teddy for the cost of his age now !! Parents will spend way more than they planned after disappointed kids

  • Karly S.

    Mine won’t let me sign in! X

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