OH! MY GIF Dance Pack £5 @ Amazon

Includes six animated dancing GIF toys
OH! MY GIF Dance Pack £5 @ Amazon

How much fun do these look? This OH! MY GIF Dance Pack has dropped to only £5.88 at Amazon, when it has been selling for as much as £19.99 in the past! At just 83p a toy that's great value for money. If you have Amazon Prime there's free delivery too!

This looks awesome for tech savvy kids, as these are 6 exclusive GIFbits that dance just like animated gifs on your phone! Just activate each dancing GIFbit to discover its surprise movement, and it will reveal a popular internet dance move.

Kids can also download the GIFS GONE LIVE AR App and scan the AR card from your pack to get digital GIFbits on your phone.

There's free delivery if you have Amazon Prime, or non-Prime customers need to spend £20 for free delivery.


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