Octonauts 24 Colour Crayons 99p @ The Works

22 April 2014

The Works Octonauts

The Works have a brilliant offer on Octonauts 24 Colour Crayons for the fab price of 99p instead of £3.99. The only other place I could find this set was still for £3.99 and if you're looking for goodie bag fillers, themed party bits or just a few stocking filler gifts or busy bags while you're on the road this summer, the crayons seem a fabulous price.

If I tell you there's not a whole lot of information on these crayons, it's something of an understatement. Beyond 'there are crayons in a cardboard box' there's not much information at all.

There are also no reviews on it, as far as quality and strength go, but it's crayons. How technical do you want to get.

I  love the tube they come in though and can imagine them being perfect for a themed birthday party and so on.

There's free standard delivery on orders over £20, but if you're not going for that many, there's a fee of £3.99, or if you spend £10 you can use the code DELTEN for free delivery - totally worth it, I think!

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