Ocean in my Pocket Turtle Hut £4.99 @ Argos

Ocean in my Pocket Turtle Hut £4.99 @ Argos

turtlehut1I am a total sucker for anything with the appendage ‘in my pocket’. They’re just so cute! Little miniature play worlds. What kid, young or old, can resist – I know I can’t! Luckily my son feels the same so I’ve got an excuse to buy them. He’s also nuts about anything from the ocean. I could probably recite the script of Finding Nemo from memory. Argos have, in their massive half price toys sale, got a great deal going with the Ocean in my Pocket Turtle Hut for half price at £4.99. Plus you can also get the Ocean in my Pocket Value Pack to go with it, also half price at £4.99.

turtlehut2There’s really not a lot to say about these toys. If you’re at all familiar with the brand, and I think all parents have at least been subjected to the TV ads for puppy in my pocket, then you’ll know the concept. A small detailed playset that folds away, and can be inhabited by scaled down cute adorable animals. The Turtle Hut has a lift-up roof, lounge, and slide. It comes with a Turtle mum and babies family. Recommended for ages 4 and over. The Value Pack contains 10 sea animals including four exclusives, only available at Argos.

Thanks to gulphisload at HUKD!


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