NEW Baby Shark Toys Coming To The Entertainer

Baby Shark Toys Coming Soon

Baby Shark is everywhere right now, and it hasn't taken long for the toy makers to get in on the trend, as you can now buy Baby Shark Toys! These are exclusively available on pre-order at The Entertainer, so you'd better get your order in quickly as these are going to sell out fast!

You can now pre-order three types of Baby Shark toys; Talking Baby, Daddy or Mummy Shark for £15 each, Moving Baby Shark Plush Toys at £25, and the newest are Baby Shark Family Sound Cubes for just £7 each.

The talking toys sing the Baby Shark song, plus another original song, so you'll never be able to get the catchy tune out of your head! The Sound Cubes look like a great buy for little ones, as you just squeeze them to start playing the Baby Shark song, and squeeze them again to get them to stop.

You can pre-order online now, with stocks available 15th December 2018, so it's a while off but just in time for Christmas.

NEW Baby Shark Toys Coming To The Entertainer

NEW Baby Shark Toys Coming To The Entertainer

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  • Laura H.

    Let’s order them a baby sharrl :joy::joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Samantha B.

    think Holly would love one! :joy:

  • Chris A.

    .... I bet Molly would love these!

  • Chelsea M.

    OMG!! Let's get the whole family c

  • Sam F.

    lacie would love these xx

  • Courtney S.

    OMG talia is getting the pink one :joy:

  • Rachel C.

    As if the song isn’t enough. Definitely going to have to get willow some though. Xx

  • Charlotte H.

    They look cute but I could not deal with that song playing constantly :see_no_evil::joy: x

  • Andrea R.

    I need to get these doll :joy:xxxxxxxxxx

  • Brett P.

    I want one of those, I could be very annoying with this thing :laughing:

  • Charley F.

    I want one too but mum said no :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sammie M.

    I was just looking at this haha xx

  • Abbie P.

    At least we won’t have to sing it anymore!:joy:

  • Jenna T.

    Omg I'm totally going 2 get him 1 of these x

  • Amy N.

    Omg we will need to get her one x

  • Amanda B.

    Great I’ll order Lucca one for Xmas :joy:

  • Nicola H.

    2 words. But the jist is no :joy: my sanity has been seriously questioned by these damn sharks :joy::joy:

  • Holly B.

    I might actually get one for Penelope :joy:

  • Leah S.

    I’m gonna have a look for these Logan will love them aha x

  • Louise F.

    Omg I’ll have to get one at Xmas :joy:

  • Lauren W.

    I’ve just pre ordered two for the girls as part of their Christmas :joy: xx

  • Samantha R.

    What do they 'do do do do do do '

  • Lauren C.

    Hehe mommy shark doo-dodoo love it x

  • Amina J.

    Forget it in the nursery Rahman will bring the collection home lol :joy::joy:

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