Nerf N Strike Maverick £7 @ Asda Direct

Asda Nerf Maverick Love 'em or loathe 'em, depending on the sorts of things they like, when your child gets to a certain age they will love these Nerf gun things. They shoot foam darts with a sucker on the end. And actually, they are quite fun for adults too. What I like is that they don't look like realistic guns. At least not the ones like the Nerf N Strike Maverick, which Asda has reduced from £9.97 to £7.

This is classified as a boys toy, and it probably is more of interest to them. I don't know why, I had a bow and arrow set with suckers on it that I loved when I was a kid but even though I was never a girly girl and loved cars I never loved playing with toys that fired stuff. The recommended age is six years plus.

The Nerf N Strike Maverick has, according to the website, a quick firing action "with accuracy". Other features include a rotating barrel that slides out for easy loading. Snap into place and you are ready for "six dart quick fire action". The Maverick comes with six whistler darts. You can buy extra packs of darts for Nerf guns.

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