M&S Toys And Games: 25% Off

M&S Toys And Games: 25% Off

M&S toys and gamesThis offer will give you 25% off toys and games at Marks and Spencer. I've looked through the site and the terms and conditions, and can't find an expiry. On the website it simply says 'Offer of the Week', so I presume it will run through Saturday at least!

Click here to get 25% off M&S toys and games

  • Discount: 25%
  • Applies to: toys and games
  • Expiry: not known

This isn't a voucher code offer as such - the 25% discount is applied on the website. You don't need to enter a code. But it was too good an offer to miss out on! There's also 25% off books.

There are some exclusions unfortunately. It doesn't apply to T40 Top Gear, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Meccano, Revell and T86 dress up.

I love the Flitter Fairies, which are featured on the site this week. These connect to their human 'friend' via an enchanted hair clip. Lovely! There's 25% off the Dinosaur pincher with sound, which is normally priced at £8. Which is great, but the Natural History Museum also sell the same toy but without sound for £4. As the parent, I always do prefer the toy without the annoying sound, never mind it being cheaper!

Thanks to sneaksdeals at HUKD!


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