Moshi Monsters Mosh N Chat Katsuma £13.84 @ Amazon

Moshi Monsters Mosh N Chat Katsuma £13.84 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the very expensive (and cool) Mosh n Chat Katsuma from the Moshi Monsters range of toys. It usually costs around £22.50 but they have dropped the price to £13.84 which is a saving of £8.66. You also get free delivery included in the price.

The Mosh n Chat Katsuma doll is a nonstop chatterbox. And it really is! We got this for our daughter for Christmas and eventually even she turned him off as he didn’t stop talking! If you squeeze his tummy he will giggle or start a conversation and the more you talk to him, the more he talks back.

The Mosh n Chat Katsuma isn’t just a talking to and fro doll though. You can set him to guard your room and with his built-in sensor he can detect when someone is nearby and then starts to make an almighty racket when he does. He needs three AAA batteries to keep him going but you do have demo ones included in the price.

Thanks to Dippidh at HUKD!


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