Moshi Monsters Cushions £3.99 @ Smyths

Moshi Monsters Cushions £3.99 @ Smyths

There's a huge saving on Moshi Monsters Cushions at Smyths right now. They're reduced from £9.99 to £3.99 saving you £6 per pillow.

There's really very little information on these on the website, but then, what kind of info could you want on a pillow? They are square, and are stuffed with something that consists of small bits, making them unsuitable for small children. They are 36x36 cm and are embroidered.

I must say, we don't have these cushions, but we do have loads of character cushions - a lion, cupcake and so on - and my daughter loves them. They live in her play tent and are often played with as toys, and are regularly bed fellows of choice!

The only thing to note is that these aren't available for home delivery, so you'll have to pick them up in store.

Thanks to twinkleplease at HUKD


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