Molly Dolly Children's Metal Shopping Trolley £11.74 Delivered @ eBay Seller: Net Price Direct

Molly Dolly Metal Shopping Trolley £11.74

You know the drill... your husband has last minute football practice so you're left dragging your entourage on the weekly shop. The eldest two are fine but three year old Daniel likes to kick off in every aisle. The solution... get your little one their very own shopping trolley. They get to join in the fun and you won't get any more tears.

We just LOVE the look of this Molly Dolly Children's Metal Shopping Trolley, sold by eBay Store: Net Price Direct. We are even more smitten with the price... just £8.99 plus £2.75 delivery. That's a total of just £11.74 - way cheaper than alternatives.

The Molly Dolly Metal Shopping Trolley is a replica of what you would see down your local Supermarket. They are made from actual metal so should be sturdy enough.

The handle height is 58cm so it's ideal for little tiddlers. It's recommended for children aged three years old and above.

The front wheels swivel so it's easy to manoeuvre around the supermarket and there's a seat for dolly or teddy too.

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  • Linda Y.

    Must have a look around their site x

  • Julia C.

    Thank you x

  • Debbie C.

    I would think so xx

  • Sarah S.

    Looks cute x

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