Mix And Match Toys - 2 For £20 @ Asda

Mix And Match Toys - 2 For £20 @ Asda

asdaMixAndMatchToysAsda are currently running a mix and match toy promotion - you can pick up any two toys for just £20.

It's almost September and the start of a new school term; for me, that's always been the signal to start sorting out Christmas - who's coming to stay, who's going away, what amazing food to cook and, of course, PRESENTS!

Taking advantage of this mix and match toys - any two for £20 promotion over at Asda just makes perfect sense to me.

If you have kids under a certain age then this will always involve toys and there's always something so very satisfying about getting all the toy shopping done w a y ahead of time and, therefore, avoiding Christmas shopping hideousness come December.

There are all sorts of toys and games to suit everyone - those weird Zhu Zhu Hamster things (I really don't 'get' them!), Chuggington things, Spiderman things, construction sets, plasticine sets and laboratory sets.

Then, of course, there's Peppa Pig and Hot Wheels items to choose from.

I don't know how long this promotion is running for; perhaps while stocks last and your guess will be as good as mine as to how long that might be.

Thanks to fleursmummy08 at HUKD


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