Minecraft (Xbox 360) £8.15 @ Amazon


Someone once told me that some schools in Sweden use Minecraft. I actually don't think it's a bad thing, especially when considering that I had never seen my sons focus on anything until they played the pixelated game. If you want a constant struggle of getting the kids out of their rooms then click the link below where you can get Minecraft for the Xbox 360 at just £8.15. It sells for £14.99 at Argos and £15 at Asda George, so Amazon are giving you a great deal.

Minecraft is a game that your kids will love more than you and you will never understand fully how it works. What you do is create different worlds by using various different materials found when mining: Blue Lapis, Diamond and all sorts. You must make sure that you have somewhere to hide and that you have food because at night "Creepers" and other horrid things are out and about.

The good thing about Minecraft is the multi-player capabilities. If you have a few Minecraft lovers in your home then they can all play.

To get FREE delivery from Amazon, on this Minecraft for the Xbox 360 Game, you must spend another £1.85 to top your order up to £10. Add something like this Doc McStuffins Sticker Set*.

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