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If you know a Star Wars fan, and most of us do, then these Haynes Manuals would make cracking Christmas gifts, and they are down from £14.99 to just £3 each! They are based on the classic car owner manuals but these are for the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star! You can get them at this price from The Book People until midnight as part of their Flash Sale, and Amazon have price matched as well.

You can see images of pages from the books on the Amazon website so you can get an idea of what the books are like, and as you will see they are more suited to older fans rather than small children, though even young ones will probably enjoy looking at the pictures.

The books are full of loads of technical information, art and photos so that fans can learn everything they need to know about the ships. You only need to spend £10 to get free delivery on books from Amazon so rather then pay the postage if you don't have Prime I'd be tempted to add another book - may as well have something to show for your money rather than it go on p&p! If you are just getting these two books then the delivery charges are lower from The Book People at just £2.95 so that will work out the better deal.

If you are getting excited about the upcoming release of The Force Awakens in cinemas on 18th December then keep an eye on this page as we will very soon have news about when you can buy tickets... watch this space!

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