Microwaveable Teddy Elephant £5.97 @ Amazon

Microwaveable Teddy Elephant £5.97 @ Amazon

If you pop over to Amazon you'll be able to pick up a warm and cuddly microwaveable teddy elephantfor £5.97, instead of his usual £9.95.

Of the Big Five I've yet to get up close and personal with elephants - something that's going to be rectified when I'm back home in South Africa next week, I'm almost beyond myself with excitement.

Until then I'll have to satisfy myself with this very cute microwaveable teddy elephant instead - he's got a tummy full of wheat and lavender that warms wonderfully when you put him in the microwave, making him perfect for cuddling up to on chilly winter nights.

Now with some microwavable plush toys you need to the wheat sack out of their middle and place that in the microwave, in this instance you put the entire elephant in - a quiet word of caution, little kids have been known to get quite upset when they see their beloved new cuddly friend about to be zapped in the microwave, sometimes it's best to do this bit away from young eyes.

If you choose the SuperSaver delivery option with this microwavable teddy elephant then there'll be nothing extra to pay to have him sent to your home.

Thanks to Headingley_Lad at HUKD 


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