Mega Bloks Play Blocks 80 Pieces £11.99 @

Mega Bloks Play Blocks 80 Pieces £11.99 @


Now this is a great deal! I adore these things and so do all the kids I know. My daughter nagged me for these for ages before I eventually got round to buying them, and I paid more than £11.99! Down from £14.99 and coming in with free delivery, this is another great present to add to the Christmas pile.

This 80-piece maxi block bag will give kids hours of imagination, creation and learning. The blocks come in a bag that doubles as storage and come in bright primary and trendy colours. The bag also comes with construction ideas printed on the back so your kids can get the hang of building stuff with some guidance at first.

Then they can gallop off into the lounge and create fantastical buildings for hours. And leave small pieces lying about the house for you to tread on in the dark of night when answering a call of “Mooomeee I need a wee!”.

Thanks to ljohnj60 at HUKD!


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  • Lynley O.
    I got two large boxes of these from a charity shop for my son when he was about 18 months. He is now 5 and they still get pulled out even though he's more into Lego now. Recently they were all used to re-create the Pingu landscape on a white sheet! I'd say that they're definitely good value especially at this price.