Meccano Rescue Bucket RRP £25.00 Now £7.50 @ Debenhams

Meccano Rescue Bucket RRP £25.00 Now £7.50 @ Debenhams

How does £7.50 sound for a bucket of rescue-themed Meccano contaimecning 190 pieces?

Apparently if you enter the code SHD1 at checkout you should qualify for free delivery, too.

Now I have to admit that there's some controversy surrounding Meccano. It seems you fall into one of three categories when it comes to kids' construction kits. Playmobile, Lego or Meccano; you have to choose which one you're loyal to, apparently. Don't ask me the rules of engagement on this; it's as meaningless to me as the off-side rule, and since my kid has only ever played with Playmobil or Lego I can't really give you a verdict on Meccano. But I'll say this, at that price I'm buying a bucket for the birthday boy and maybe he'll give us his verdict in a few weeks. I do know that Lego is the best boys' toy ever invented and if this stuff is half as good, we'll be a happy little household. It keeps my two entertained for hours but it's something I can join in with too when they need some help to build the more complex vehicles. And I love it; there's something very therapeutic about building stuff with little kids, and it's really rewarding when they treasure the creation and go off into imaginary rescue missions with them!

meThis set contains 190 Meccano parts in a handy and portable storage bucket. The set can build up to 18 different models and 4 play figures are included.

It's best suited to kids aged 5-8.

Thanks to adnywedge on HUKD!


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