L.O.L Surprise! Glitter Series Now Available To Pre-Order @ The Entertainer

Pre-Order The L.O.L Surprise! Glitter Series

My daughter is a massive fan of the L.O.L Suprise! dolls, so I always have an ear to the ground to see if there are new series being released.

I have just spotted the new L.O.L Surprise! Glitter Series is now available to pre-order at The Entertainer, order now if you want to get your hands on them!

The L.O.L. Surprise! Glitter Series includes glittery versions of all your favourite dolls! There are still seven surprises for you to unwrap inside each ball. Each set is priced at £11

If you pre-order today the L.O.L Suprise! Glitter Series has an estimated shipping date of Monday 23rd April.

Don't forget you can also pre-order the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise and the L.O.L Suprise! Series 3 Confetti Pop too!

Home delivery is FREE on orders of £40 or more, smaller orders are £3.99 or you can Click and Collect for FREE when you spend £10 or more.

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  • Samantha F.

    -I’m sure the kids name is written all over this one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:x

    • Samantha F.

      I bet she knows how many there is!!x

    • Marc H.

      I'm sure she knows all their names too...:rolling_eyes::joy: x

  • Christine G.

    did we pre order these? Order that much i cant even mind:joy::joy:

    • Karen D.

      I didn't but must now I think u did them and I ordered the pearl surprise. Lol.x

    • Christine G.

      I cant cope will have to check emails lol x

    • Karen D.

      We aren't wise am going to order some tonight lol.x

  • Christine R.

    when is it going to end

    • Denise C.

      Haven't even got the confetti pop ones now these

    • Christine R.

      You can preorder them on smyths due in this week I think

    • Denise C.

      I'll wait till I get confetti ones first

    • Christine R.

      It’s confetti ones I’m talking bout lol

  • Katie O.

    for God’s sake more lols :expressionless:

  • Janey G.

    e.. maybe tell your friend about these if you still can’t get the pop ones. X

    • Molly W.

      Ooo these look good! Thank you Jane! X

  • Holly T.

    How many are they going to do :persevere:

  • Teena-Maria K.

    Got her a couple at Christmas. :wink:

  • Chelsea T.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy: that made me laugh xx

  • Vikki �.

    She’s got one :see_no_evil: had one for xmas! Waiting on the new confetti pop now x

  • Lauren J.

    Ah I see those the other day too! Lol xx

  • Vikki �.

    Yeah I’ve preordered one... says expected stock tomorrow and should be delivered by 28th... so we will see! My mum was gonna bring one back from Canada because they’ve only just started them here... but they’re out of stock every where! X

  • Christa-Jane R.

    It’s bad they were only 9 in Tesco xx

  • Joanna M.

    Too many! As long as people keep buying them they will churn them out!

  • Tessa H.

    Aww thanks hun we got poppy a confetti :confetti_ball: one the other week what a bloody mess that was haha xxxxx

  • Gemma P.

    Ha ha yeah I bet Hun. Those glitter ones look pretty tho xxxxxxx

  • Tessa H.

    No they do I think there the same just in glitter xxxxxxxx

  • Catherine A.

    Jeez another series!!! Cx

  • Jayda M.

    She got one of these a few weeks ago from Tesco but I haven't seen them since. She got a confetti pop one from the entertainer today

  • Angela H.

    I’ve been watching them all day today on YouTube... I’ve not seen the confetti ones in the shops but I know she wants them. Looks like we will have to pre order for the mermaid one :weary:

  • Linz M.

    Oh I know I saw them on preorder at the weekend There’s a Pearl collection too for £30. Like the big rip off one at Christmas but must be smaller

  • Lisa M.

    Haha, Maisy not me... honest :wink: xx

  • Ashley D.

    The woman in entertainer told me about this :flushed: the girls will see it on YouTube soon I’m sure....

  • Andy H.

    i’m sure brooke has mentioned these already. youtube is better than tv advertising

  • Carolyn G.

    Just seen this there, Poppy just got a confetti one today - her wee face was like Christmas Day :laughing::heart_eyes:!

  • Lynsey M.

    Aww so cute. They are brilliant! I think I love them more than Orla xxx

  • Tesni S.

    Im starting to regret buying that first LOL doll ! :see_no_evil:

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