Where To Buy L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise Playset In The UK 2018

Where To Buy L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Playset

Just when you thought the L.O.L Surprise! Big Surprise was the ultimate toy for L.O.L fans they go and bring out the next addition in this hugely popular series. The L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise Playset has just been announced as the latest L.O.L must have toy and we have ALL the info of where to buy the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise Playset in the UK.

Why not bookmark this page as we will update it with all the latest information as soon as we get it!

In Stock/Pre-Order

Limited Stock/Higher RRP

Out of Stock

What is the L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise Playset?

The L.O.L Surprise! Pearl Surprise Playset contains two L.O.L Dolls and a huge bath fizzer. The toy comes in a mermaid style, teal shimmer hard case. Open it up to reveal a layer of 6 pearls each containing an accessory for your L.O.L doll such as a pair of shoes or a dress.

The next layer contains a huge shell shaped fizzer that when you add it to water it melts away to reveal a smaller shell case. Inside the case are two L.O.L dolls, a large one and a Lil' Sister.

This set is smaller than the L.O.L Surprise! Big Surprise and it is significantly cheaper in price too!

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  • Claire W.

    look at the next one!!!:rolling_eyes:

  • Lainy P.

    Betty has been watching these alllllllll day today

  • Lucy P.


    • Lorna W.

      I’ve already ordered it in the vague hope it may arrive in time for birthday!! At least it’s only £22!! X

    • Lorna W.

      I’m not holding my breathe though and if it doesn’t come in time will cancel the order!

  • Rachael P.

    Oh hell only 18.80 in euros from Germany so not going to be to expensive this time going to get lily one for Easter lol

  • Christa-Jane R.

    Pre ordered from amazon already :see_no_evil::rolling_eyes:

  • Louise S.

    Right let’s get on the hunt again!!x

  • Rachael P.

    That’s not to bad at all better then £60 :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Tanya P.

    I’ve just pre ordered mine from German amazon

    • Laura F.

      Will you have to pay custom charges? X

  • Lucy A.

    I know hope it’s out for her birthday!!!! Xxx

  • Michelle K.

    Omg :joy::joy::joy:!!! I don't even have Amazon :cry::neutral_face:!!!!! X

  • Ashleigh M.

    :see_no_evil: oh no!

  • Penny C.

    She's just told me she already knows about when she getting it :joy:

  • Stacey B.

    Nope....I didn't give into the gold one even when she picked it up in smyths. I'd rather just buy the balls xx

  • Helen B.

    Already seen it... :joy: no chance I'd rather but 6 balls xx

  • Lisa R.

    I know they need to stop releasing these things :joy:

  • Jemma K.

    You have got to be kidding me :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::rolling_eyes:

  • Nicola P.

    This will be next! We already have confetti pop on pre order :see_no_evil:

  • Kim P.

    Oh great how much will these set is back :see_no_evil:

  • Ashleigh M.

    wise choice i think! Lol! Xx

  • Carly T.

    Noooooo! :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

  • Aimee F.

    Its getting ridiculous now lol xxx

  • Taylor N.

    I found where to change the language lol.

  • Emma C.

    OMG, Mia had you tube on earlier and she saw the new ball! She said it’s out just in time for her bday! What are they doing to me?! The stress of trying to find one again :weary: xx

  • Claire T.

    Oh no :see_no_evil:

  • Lisha H.

    Think need to do it on German amazon Cos rest out of stock x

  • Lindsay T.

    Hahahahaha shes already found these and shown me :rage::rage::rage: hahaha shes gonna kill me off with these bloody dolls ha! Shes already started on the pets now x

  • Aislinn B.

    I’ve heard there’s less in them than the gold ones, I’ll wait to find a picture of the inside before telling the girls :joy:

  • Jamie M.

    Lol :joy: she will be telling you!

  • Amy F.

    :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: yep Iv seen these ha ha!!!

  • Laura S.

    Great minds think alike:joy:xx

  • Roisin O.

    They need to stop releasing new things!!! :hear_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

  • Amy H.

    Erin’s seen it bloody cookie swirl has opened one on you tube she’s been nagging me already :joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Holly R.

    oh they are eagerly awaiting this beaut thank you x

  • Aine B.

    Defs have to get her one lol X

  • Jody W.

    When is this lol stuff going to end :joy:

  • Cheryl M.

    exactly my thoughts tho at least this is £22 and not £60 lol xx

  • Karen K.

    Wait see the price wonder wat it is xx

  • Taylor N.

    Down at the very bottom it says Deutsch with a wee world beside it.

  • Samantha B.

    Aww no whats this now lol xx

  • Aine B.

    Be on you tube soon lol X

  • Sam W.

    Apparently don't have as much in them so cheaper? X

  • Lucy S.

    Ruby will defo want this for her birthday! X

    • Melissa S.

      Ruby will defo be getting this for her birthday xx

  • Tiffany D.

    Yea we saw these advertised the other week :rolling_eyes::see_no_evil:

  • Sally N.

    £30, cheaper than the other one but only 2 dolls in it x

  • Lynne B.

    Out of all their santa toys my girls love n play wit these all the time

  • Amanda W.

    Out of stock. Thank god I ordered my little girl’s one. :sweat_smile:

  • Steph B.

    The Entertainer always seems to be down for maintenance! :rage:

  • Karla M.

    the confetti ones arrived from American amazon today

  • Clare H.

    Oh good god when will it end!!

  • Ellen T.

    Oh for god sake what's this now :rolling_eyes::joy:

  • Cathy K.

    Thanks so much ! I’ve already pre ordered from Germany :joy::joy: but it’s saying it won’t be available till May . Have changed to entertainer thanks x

  • Grace H.

    Already pre ordered for her birthday

  • Gemma

    Mine did at first but now it’s just worked :thumbsup_tone2: go go go

  • Toni S.

    I did and I’m sure it said deliver 2 weeks but I got an email a few days ago it will be here 12th May :flushed: lol xx

  • Sally H.

    Ha ha we need to pre Order for there birthdays x

  • Andrea T.

    Oh stop they can't bring out no more I can't cope lol c

  • Callie L.

    Wow some more extortionate plastic crap to Hoover up

  • Natasha O.

    Aye :rolling_eyes: Biggest waste of money :sweat:Xx

  • Kelly O.

    I am trying to get one in America

  • Natasha O.

    Yep! That ones 29.99 but the last one was like 60 :expressionless: Xx

  • Kelly A.

    I will never buy her another one again it’s a waste of money. Xx

  • Rebecca B.

    I have literally just ordered lol x

  • Michelle W.

    How come these are cheaper than the gold big suprise?

    • Michelle W.

      What do you get in them please? Do you have any photos

  • Joanne B.

    This ones only 25ish I think xx

  • Jenni B.

    Oh no not more! Been mugged into buying a confetti pop one today!! X

  • Michelle R.

    Haha I thought well that’s not too bad compared to the gold one....but of course it’s sold out everywhere already :rolling_eyes::joy: x

  • Leanne W.

    Lol I've pre ordered it for Brookes bday maybe I can get away with this instead of the gold one haha x

  • Emily V.

    I’ve already ordered this for the girls x

  • Rachel B.

    :see_no_evil: Matilda ended up with 4 confetti ones today :see_no_evil: x

    • Ann-marie M.

      Argh. I pre ordered some at the entertainer. I collect on Mon. Looks like I need to reserve this bad boy too.

  • Kasey S.

    Mate already have it on pre order with smyths!!!:joy: paid for it, I just hope it comes in time before her birthday!:see_no_evil::joy:

  • Aine B.

    Have to get our orders in early again:weary:

  • Georgina T.

    Nope!! Not getting it for her. Thanks to that big gold ball being sold out everywhere Emily’s close to drawing the correct conclusion about Santa!!

  • Lee C.

    Iv got 3 pre ordered

  • Olivia M.

    it's actually only around 35 just checked not bad compared to the price of other one

  • David E.

    Just pre ordered 2

  • Lindsay S.

    Yeah I was for Alana but it due after her birthday

  • Lindsay S.

    No I think there smaller x

  • Tessa H.

    Thanks hunni we're getting poppy one for Easter as she don't really eat chocolate xxxxxx

  • Siobhan S.

    Pre ordered 2 yesterday thank you :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Katy R.

    Oh brilliant :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1: xx

  • Kim D.

    Might see if I can get it for her birthday. X

  • Kirstie L.

    Yeah this the one I've pre order xx

  • Kirstie L.

    Yeah that's what iv got it for Easter for cota xx

  • Michelle K.

    YES!! Ooh I wonder if it’ll be in stock before her birthday?!

  • Laura R.

    I’ve just checked and if you pre order I’m sure it said due in from the 19th! x

  • Laura R.

    :ok_hand_tone2::pray_tone2: hopefully x

  • Becci P.

    I’m gunna get 1 and put it back for her birthday x

  • Vikki �.

    She wants this for her birthday :weary: xx

  • Maxine C.

    I already pre orderd it at smyths :grin:

  • Catrina H.

    Lucie is desperate for this xx

  • Kim S.

    I've managed to pre order Ava 1 at smyths...try there hun...pre ordered 3 glitter series 1s last night as well x

  • Aimee T.

    Hahaha..its already been preorded :v::ok_hand: x x x

  • Nicola D.

    Ive pre ordered this for ellis.birthday x x x

  • Donna L.

    This is a different addition to the LOL dolls -confetti pop I bought from Asda

  • Faye P.

    Haha I’ve got two on pre-order :see_no_evil::joy: I swear I dream about the little witches :joy: Now they even watch LOL videos on you tube :eyes::see_no_evil:

  • Donna L.

    Also this one costs £29.99 and considering I have to buy 2.... I’m pretending their out of stock till next month

  • Hannah K.

    This is what she wants I have to pre order it Wednesday x

  • Jac D.

    Already on it:joy::joy::joy: ordered 2 pre order hopefully get this week:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Lowri R.

    lmao I’ve bought her the other one gutted x

  • Melissa O.

    She is gonna be chuffed xx

  • Hannah G.

    more excitement for chloe!

  • Laura R.

    Noooo they need to stop releasing more of these :joy:

  • Laura S.

    Yeah but the entertainer don't stock the purple one... hmmm. They said it's only the green in UK so God knows! She's saving for glitter series atm ,:see_no_evil:

  • Joe W.

    already purchased both variants I spent hundreds of £ on lol for my favourite and only daughter

  • Sophie P.

    Ahhh that’s a bummer, it’s not far from us smyths I don’t think, is this one £30 too?

  • Katy S.

    I know she wants the purple one and turquoise one I’ll have to get them soon :grimacing:

  • Emma C.

    the entertainer have the turquoise one in stock x

  • Katy S.

    I’ll have to see if I can reserve one x

  • Anita L.

    To could get it for her birthday but u already got the other one! Xx

  • Toni L.

    She can have two

  • Sasha R.

    Think my sister getting her 1 for her bday xx

  • Lee W.

    Better get some extea shifts in

  • Sophie P.

    Would be an expensive treat too :flushed:

  • Nicole M.

    Bloody lol dolls :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Carly R.

    Think it's just a different doll

  • Holly B.

    :rolling_eyes: we saw this just after I bought the blue one.

  • Michelle K.

    Oh sweet lord, these are bankrupting me :joy: x

  • Elise B.

    Get it for £22 if you buy from the entertainer and use amazon pay!

  • Cassie T.

    It's the one u picked up for me the other day x

  • Samantha D.

    its only tiny I got girls one and gave it them on wed and its not worth £30 what I paid but at least girls loved the bath bomb xxx

  • Vickie W.

    Late Easter pressies lol :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lorraine W.

    She got the blue 1, she'll get that for her birthday.

  • Gemma J.

    I've got the green one of these put away for sophs bday! X

  • Jacqueline F.

    I don’t have a clue about all this lol stuff xx

  • Claire O.

    Amazon dropped these to £21.79 a few weeks back so maybe they’ll drop again in the next week or so. Fingers crossed!

  • Jacqui B.

    I think we have enough lol now!

  • Alison M.

    That's the one Nanny and pappy bought her for her birthday

  • Kayleigh N.

    Ece had it for her birthday. It was quite good.

  • Julie M.

    I'm getting Emily this for Xmas x

  • Natalie E.

    Yes lol crazy in this house :grimacing:

  • Susan M.

    I prefer ones like these cos you get the big ball to store it all in, I think you get one big doll, one little sister and loads of bits (shoes and outfits) decent for the price anyways

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