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Lindam safety gate HB pm

It might be daft of me to get excited over a safety gate, but this is the best price I have ever seen for one, barring a misprice. The Lindam Wall Fix Safety Gate is £9.99 at Home Bargains! Normally the cheapest you can get a safety gate is around £15, so to get one at a third less is a brilliant deal.

This is the type of gate that fixes to the walls but without permanent fixings like screws, so that it can be moved when you need to. It's got a one hand release mechanism, so that you can open it with the little one or the washing basket in the other hand - this is a feature I wish our gates at home had. Another is that there is no step over bar at the bottom, so there's nothing to trip over (someone in our house does this every day!).

There's lots more information about the dimensions and features of the Lindam Wall Fix Safety Gate on the Home Bargains website so that you can check it will fit where you need it. This gate can be changed to swing open both ways for doorways, or just one way of you want to prevent access to the stairs or so on.

You can click and collect can for free, or home delivery charges will vary according to destination. This Lindam Safety Gate is also sold in Home Bargains stores as well as online, though this will be subject to availability.

See, I knew there was a reason I check out their 'New Product' section every day! :)

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