My Life £8.97 @ Tesco Direct

MyLife_Pack If you’re on the hunt for something to entertain the kids at a discount price, then perhaps this new games console will tickle your fancy. Down from £49.97 to £8.97 (a whopping £41 saving) it’s a cheap and cheerful bundle of fun.

So what exactly is My Life, I hear you asking. Well this is a new handheld game consisting of a virtual world in which you can lose yourself for hours and hours. Inside this game world you can create your own character, play games, meet up with friends and even go shopping.

Like many of these dinky techno-gadgets before it, My Life will definitely entertain those older than six years of age but it will soon be relegated to dust gathering at the back of your cupboard. I certainly would not pay over £40 for it, but at mylife2only £9 it’s a really economical way of handling a rainy holiday day.

So take a gander, see if you like it and please do read the reviews. They are not very positive but at least forewarned is fore armed.

Thanks to Haylhoo at HUKD!

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