LEGO Games Heroica Caverns Of Nathuz £7.48 @ Tesco

LEGO Games Heroica Caverns Of Nathuz £7.48 @ Tesco

The LEGO Games Heroica Caverns of Nathuz set has been reduced by 1/2 off the original price from £14.97 to only £7.48. This is a nice saving of £7.49 for a rather funky LEGO kit that kids will love.

I am rather baffled by the sudden influx of Lego stuff lately, and the sheer variety. Who stays on top of all these different types of Lego and different themes? I know that I haven’t got the first clue on where I would start. In my day I think all we got was a box of Lego and some instructions.

The price of this particular Lego kit is much cheaper on Tesco than anywhere else – you can see the price difference on their handy guide on the site. The description sounds rather fun too. Deep inside the Caverns of Nathuz the Golem Lord has discovered an ancient artefact and is using it to create an army of monsters.

You have to fight your way into the caves to recover the Sceptre of Summoning and save the day. To help you, you get all sorts of fun Lego pieces in the set.

Thanks to Helen543 at HUKD!


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