Lego Duplo Play With Numbers £15.29 @ Amazon

Lego Duplo Play With Numbers £15.29 @ Amazon

legoDuploCountWithNumbersAmazon are selling Lego Duplo Play With Numbers for £15.29 instead of £24.99

Oooh Lego combined with numbers; I'm a very big fan of anything that combines play with learning for very young kiddies, and it's never too early to introduce them to numbers in my opinion.

There are 58 bright, colorful numbered bricks that will have your titchy one learning their numbers without realising it or feeling they're having to try.

Lego Duplo Play With numbers includes a Lego Duplo child figure, dog, and wagon which allows for imaginative role play too.

Pattern recognition skills will also developed when your child plays with Lego Duplo Play With Numbers, as you can play matching games with the bricks that have pictures on them.

Lego Duplo Play with Number has also been granted a 'National Parenting Seal of Approval' award; parents who've already bought it are very happy parents indeed:

"My 2 year old daughter was thrilled to play with this set when she was given it. The bright numbers and pictures drew her in instantly. She is counting more and more and since being given this set she uses it all the time to count the pictures as she builds.

Not only with the lovely colours and pictures you get a really sweet boy and dog figure and a car, fencing & flowers to play with too. So there are many different ways to build and count at the same time.

I would definitely recommend this item to anybody and would buy as a gift for either a boy or a girl. This set will no fail to impress. A must have!"

Happy counting with Lego Duplo Play with Numbers!


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  • Luschka
    Thank you! Been looking out for one of these! And got it 'free' since I used the remainder of a Christmas gift card! #thrilled