Leapfrog Roll And Rhyme Melody Block £8.90 @ Amazon

11 December 2010

Leapfrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block

Introduce your baby to the world through music, rhythms and rhymes with this Leapfrog Roll and Rhyme Melody Block for £8.90 from Amazon, a 41% saving from £14.99.

Babies are fascinated and entertained by the simplest of things. My daughter had a ball similar to the melody block which she would chase around the lounge as soon as she started to crawl. It definitely improved her crawl and her speed, and by eight months she was walking, leaving the crawling and the ball behind.

This great block has six colourful sides with bright colours and different pictures, fabrics and textures and interactive add ons (like movable polar bears) to keep your baby engaged. Each side of the cube plays a different style of music, which not only entertains baby, but stops mum and dad from going crazy from the same repeated tune!

The Leapfrog Roll and Rhyme Melody Block is brightly and boldly coloured to capture a baby's attention and the reviews on Amazon assure us that the music isn't at all annoying – which makes a nice change!

Thanks to aliceashea at HUKD

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