Lamaze Eddie The Elephant Tunes £17.99 @ Amazon

9 November 2012

If you pop over to Amazon you'll be able to pick up a rather fabulous Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Tunes for £17.99, rather than £23.99.

I've adored Lamaze things ever since my mum bought my youngest son a Lamaze Octotunes toy for his first Christmas - it's essentially the same as Eddie the Elephant Tunes, except the eight notes were played by squeezing each tentacle rather than pressing buttons on a trunk.

You know, I'd even be happy to pay the full price for this Lamaze Eddie the Elephant Tunes, and if you know someone who has a little one  (or you're the one with the little one) then I urge you to consider buying them an Eddie the Elephant Tunes for Christmas.

Not only did Edward grow to adore 'Lamaisy' (as his Octotunes octopus became called), but we all loved working out tunes we could play on the tentacle notes - I think my rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was nothing short of musical genius!

Not only can you play music with Eddie the Elephant - he comes with a little music book too, so you don't have to try and figure tunes out for yourself - you can also record and play back your musical masterpieces.

I think he's utterly adorable and he's suitable from birth upwards.

Happy elephant tuning!

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