Ladybird Pillow Pet £4.99 @ Home Bargains

ladybirdPillowPet If you have a little one who likes to get all snuggly, then you might want to take a look at this Ladybird Pillow Pet over at Home Bargains - it's £4.99 now, instead of £12.99.

I loved things like this Ladybird Pillow Pet when I was a kid; there was just something about cuddling up to something cute and fluffy.

It's made from lovely soft chenille (I STILL love stroking anything chenille) and is perfect for taking on long car trips, or for sleepovers when a 'little bit of home' needs to tag along for the ride.

The Ladybird Pillow Pet is a cuddly pal when he (or she, I suppose) is rolled up and secured on their underbelly with a velcro strap; undo the strap and he unfolds into a soft cosy pillow for snoozing on.

I think he's utterly adorable and is suitable for little ones aged three years and over.

Home Bargains have various delivery prices but a small parcel costs 50 pence - not sure HOW small something has to be to be considered small - with a medium parcel costing £2.99, your Ladybird Pillow Pet certainly isn't going to be classed as any bigger than that.

Thanks to Howieefc1 at HUKD

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