Hello Kitty Carry Tin With Marshmallows £4 @ Debenhams

23 September 2010

kitty1 My kids always liked getting pressies like this Hello Kitty carry tin with marshmallows in it - I always had to try really hard not to eat the marshmallows first.

For four quid, which is what this costs, I think it's a lovely little pressie and can be used afterwards to put things in.

Hello Kitty is always a safe bet for girls - and maybe some boys, let not get bogged down in gender stereotypes here - and EVERYONE loves marshmallows.

Unless you happen to be vegetaraian and then they are very 'bad' - the official blurb on the Debenhams website says...

Contains sulphites, gluten and milk not suitable for vegetarians or vegans

...so if you've got friends with veggie kids then DO NOT buy this as a pressie, OR take the marshmallows out and replace them with some vegetarian friendly sweets instead - how's that for some lateral thinking?

Hello Kitty2Now, the website has the Hello Kitty carry tin (with marshmallows)  priced at £5 so you're going to have to apply a couple of codes to drop the price.

Use PP8P to go from £5 to £4 and then SHD1 to get free home delivery; brill!

Thanks to PhilMitchell over at HUKD

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