Hello Kitty 15" Soft Toy £10 @ Tesco

Hello Kitty 15" Soft Toy £10 @ Tesco

Hello KittyAt £10 this is a pretty good price for the 15" soft toy Hello Kitty. The best I could find on Amazon was £14.99, and it at the same price at BigRedWarehouse.co.uk.

No matter what you might think about the brand, these are quite lovely and cuddly toys. It says that the colours and styles might vary, so it is possible you could get the Blue version. But that's OK as it is pretty cute too! The recommended age range is three years plus.

It wasn't that easy to find the 15" version online for comparison. The 15cm (which is I think 8") seemed to be much more popular. That's priced around the £7 mark at most stores, so for a tenner you seem to get a good bargain with the 15" version.

There's also the giant Peppa Pig soft toy, which measures 35cm, at this price. And, potentially more exciting for most youngsters, the ZingZilla's giant soft toy is also at the £10 mark. Now the problem here, however, and the reason I didn't make it the focus of this deal is that I couldn't tell anyway of choosing which ZingZilla you will get online. The site simply says that colours and styles may vary, and only one ZingZilla is supplied. Now it is highly likely that your child has one particular favourite - don't they always - so this is really not helpful!

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