Kids Fun Factory Bubble Rocket £5.99 @ The Works

Kids Fun Factory Bubble Rocket £5.99 @ The Works

Could grab a couple of these to keep the kids happy while outside. I saw a little girl having a great time with a bubble gun at the beach at the weekend. They are a lot of fun and this rocket looks totally ace especially for older kids. This Kids Fun Factory Bubble Rocket has been reduced by The Works, from £14.99 to £5.99.

Launch this amazing bubble rocket up to 28 feet in the air and leave behind a fantastic trail of bubbles. This bubble rocket set includes

  • rocket
  • rocket launch pad
  • rocket launch station
  • 240ml bubble solution

Standard delivery on the site is £2.99 so keep that in mind when working out your order. Probably best as part of a larger order (they do some fabulous craft supplies on there).

My son had several of those sorts of foam rockets you pump up and shoot into the air. They were a lot of fun and kept him occupied indoors and out for a long time. I think one that shoots bubbles is best to do outside, but I can imagine this being a lot of fun especially when at the park on a picnic.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD!


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