Kidkraft Bead Maze Cube £19.36 @ Amazon

Kidkraft Bead Maze Cube £19.36 @ Amazon


The Kidkraft Bead Maze Cube Learning Puzzle is down from £48.32 to £19.36 and comes with free delivery too. The price history on this chap shows that the lowest it has been is around £16 so this is a great price drop, especially when the highest it has been is well over £50.

The cube comes with £28.96 taken off the price, a well-rounded 60% discount, and has an adorable farm theme complete with tractors, trees and a huge farmhouse. The maze is beaded with pieces of solid wood used to complement the design and the tracking maze has six different pieces for your tot to move.

There is also a shape sorter, rotating gears, movable tiles with numbers on one side and colourful shapes on the other, and a delightful mishmash of colours. We had one of these for years and it was so special to us all. We gave it away when our kids got too old, and we still miss it!

Thanks to hunter82 at HUKD!


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