Hungry Hippos Travel Edition £3.49 @

Hungry Hippos Travel Edition £3.49 @

Hungry Hippos Travel Edition 1

Hungry, hungry hippos! This game, along with that elephant doughnut game, was the favourite of my step kids. We had loads of fun with it! This is a pretty neat travel version of the game, at a size and price that might make it a great stocking filler.

My son has a few travel editions of games. Connect Four is one that's been a particular favourite, really handy to have to pass the time when you're away. Should I admit now that when I was a kid, I thought that travel editions of games were for when you were actually travelling, like in a car. I could never work out how you could balance some of them on knees while in a moving vehicle! I didn't get that some of these were just compact to make it easy to carry them around.

This one though is actually designed for use on the move. Or, as the website describes it, "compact marble-grabbing for fun on the run". Features include quick setup and a self-contained storage tray. Press the hippo's tail as fast as possible.  Who has the hungriest hippo of all? Count the marbles and see!

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!


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