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vhc1 My heart jumps with delight and warm fuzzy childhood memories whenever I see the Very Hungry Caterpillar

There's something about the story of this very hungry fellow just doing what he needs to do to NOT be hungry and then turning into a butterfly that was absolutely captivating to me as a child.

And as a grown up (allegedly anyway) I still find him incredibly endearing - perhaps I should get this Very Hungry Caterpillar magnetic adventures set for myself!  I could create VHC adventures on my fridge whilst I was cooking dinner, I wonder if that would make it more fun..? I can only hope!

It's all pretty self-explantory really, you create Very Hungry Caterpillar magnetic adventures with shapes from the story - the VHC himself (obviously, otherwise it would just be 'Magnetic Adventures'), leaves, the tree and so on.

vhc2You can do this on the fridge (one of the great playing and art gallery spaces of the modern age), on the tin that the pieces come in - which makes it great for taking out and about - or any other suface that the pieces will stick to. are selling Very Hungry Caterpillar magnetic adventures for £2.99 instead of the £5.99 rrp and there's no delivery to pay either.

Hurrah for and hurrah for the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD

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  • Anne
    It's only an hour after you wrote this and the price has gone up to £5!
  • Sarah K.
    Hi Anne ARRGHHH! I really do dislike it when they do that! Thanks for letting me know.
  • Chris
    The price went up before this was even posted this.

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