Huge Enormous Sale @ Toys R Us

6 July 2010

toy I love a good sale, it makes my do that shivery thing that the hynas do in The Lion King at the mention of the name, “Mufasa”.  Needless to say, I did attempt to curb my madness at this particular sale as we know that these guys can be a little more expensive than the norm.

It is well worth checking the sale prices against other sites first, you may still find cheaper elsewhere. However, a bit of investigation has shown that some toys, such as the Transformers range, are really fantastic value for money.

If you are one of those super organised mums (or dads) then perhaps this could be the start of your Christmas shop. Or perhaps preparation for the swathe of summer baby birthday parties about to hit this July and August.toy2

You’ll find toys and activities and equipment for kids included in the sale, plus loads of fantastic baby essentials and items too. If you’ve been eyeball some stuff at Toys R Us then perhaps you should check and see if it is in the sale.

Me, I’m going to sidle into the videogames section...

Thanks to bookdiver for the heads up!

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