Hot Wheels 50 Car Pack £37 @ Asda & Amazon

Hot Wheels 50 Car Pack @ Asda & Amazon

This is an amazing deal for a set of 50 Hot Wheels Cars for only £37! Asda dropped the price today from £74.94 to £37, and Amazon have swiftly price matched so you have a choice of where to pick up this fantastic deal.

The cheapest you can normally get Hot Wheels is £1 a time if you can pick them up when they are in the pound shops, but this is way cheaper than that, working out at 74p per car!

I am about to be ordered to buy this as it is £10 lower in price that it was yesterday on an Amazon lightning deal, so thank goodness for Asda for saving me £10!

If you order from Amazon you get free delivery, or with Asda you can click and collect for free or have your cars delivered for an extra £2.95.

As Amazon have price matched Asda and they can change their prices very quickly, so expect the price to jump back up at Amazon when Asda go out of stock.

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