Hornby The Midland Flyer Train Set £45 @ Littlewoods

Hornby The Midland Flyer Train Set £45 @ Littlewoods

Hornby The Midland FlyerA Hornby train set for £45? Brilliant bargain in my book! I love Hornby railways and cannot wait for son to be old enough. I wonder if I can convince the other half to convert the loft? But that's another post! Littlewoods has Hornby's The Midland Flyer Train set on sale for £45. The original price was £144.

The orginal poster of this deal on our sister site HUKD points out that realistically, £144 is inflated. Really you'd be able to get this for between £60 to £80, so this price is still a really good saving.

The Hornby Midland Flyer train set includes an 0-4-0 MR locomotive, a 12-ton vent van, Low mac and load, a teak 4-wheel coach, LWB open wagon and trackside accessories.

The set comes with enough 00 gauge track pieces to make an oval, plus a train controller. The track mat enables you to create a specific layout, that you can add to, or even create your own track layout.

Set out the track mat and fit together the Hornby 00 gauge track pieces, place your locomotive on to the track, couple up the wagons and attach the controller. Once you've had the fun of carefully piecing it all together, you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts and watch the miniature railway come to life.

Thanks to HAL2000 at HUKD!


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