Hexbug Nano Starter Set £11.39 @ MyMemory

Hexbug Nano Starter Set £11.39 @ MyMemory

The Hexbug Nano starter kit is on sale at MyMemory for £11.99 and it comes with free delivery. And, if you use the voucher code Myhexbug5 you can get a further 5% off which takes it to the low price of £11.39. er, ok so the discount isn’t huge but it is a cool kit.

The Hexbug Nano Starter Set comes with everything you need to start your own Hexbug Nano habitat. There is one extremely rare mutation, two easy connect curved pieces, and one easy connect hexagon piece. You also get a one year warranty on your crazy critters.

We’re reviewed these chaps before and I have found them to be endlessly funny, especially when unleashed near people who’ve never seen them before. The habitat is a good idea, though, as the Hexbugs have a tendency to get into everything, or under things, and there is still one somewhere under our washing machine, doomed to scuttle until his batteries run out.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD!


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