3 For 2 On Toys @ Argos

27 September 2017
3 For 2 On Toys @ Argos

Wondering when the Argos '3 for 2' on Toys is going to be? It always starts around now and we aren't surprised so many of you are keenly awaiting it's arrival. It's now confirmed to start on Wednesday 27th September.

At this time of year many of you are on the hunt for Toys at the best prices and the '3 for 2' can really save you £££'s.

A tip is to opt for Reserve and Collect (to pay in store) on the Tuesday 26th. Then you have secured yourself the Toys you want before they sell out - you'll still get them on '3 for 2' when you collect and pay in store on the Wednesday.

Not all toys are included, so although thousands are on offer you need to look for the 'purple 3 for 2 splat' that shows what's in the offer. Gaming and consoles are always excluded.

Popular Toys to snap up in this offer and most likely to sell out first are Fingerlings, Leapfrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart and Spin to Sing.

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  • Maxine C.

    Whoop been waiting for this x

  • Michelle H.

    Anyone know if smart trikes are usually in the 3/2 ??

    • LeighK36

      Yeah, I bought one for my daughter when it was last on in July x

  • Jade L.

    Smyths 20% sale starts on Tuesday 26th aswell :grin: xx

  • Sam L.

    Does anyone know if Xbox is included or isn't it classed as a toy z

    • LeighK36

      Not usually, its classed as electrics

  • Danielle K.

    I was about to buy stuff.there I will start on the Tues night ! Thanks for that xx

  • Janet M.

    I did say should be on soon lol xx

  • Pamela G.

    Knew it would be soon ! Wooohooo thanks babes xxxx

  • Charlotte C.

    Uh oh :see_no_evil::joy:hurry up pay day! Xxx

  • Emma G.

    How strange we was only just saying about this! :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1: xxx

  • Jennie B.

    Worth a go. If u miss it am sure there will be another one xx

  • Chelsea A.

    Anyone know how long its on for?

    • LeighK36

      Normally until midnight on the Sunday

  • Camilla N.

    Hahaha omg you're like a sale queen! :joy: Thank youuu. Keep me updated on the Sainsbury's one as I'll get up for that :joy:

  • Jessica H.

    Haha Santa needs to get his skates on lol

  • Emma B.

    I know haha:blush: that's so handy it's soon I was worried it was November and I'm trying be to organised xx

  • Shelly K.

    Thank you! Will be doing some shopping on Tuesday! Lol x

  • Nat R.

    I'll be doing some shopping next week too then :grin::grin:xx

  • Vicky C.

    ELC currently 3 for 2 as well

  • Natalie W.

    Oh dear. This is when the spending starts :christmas_tree:

  • Kath B.

    I'm already onto this :kissing_heart:

  • Katie H.

    Ha ha as if any of that will be available...this is argos!

  • Adrian H.

    I’m not doing that again after last years debacle

  • Rebecca H.

    Always after Emelia's birthday :joy:

  • Lisa J.

    Ahh man! Starts on her birthday :see_no_evil:

  • Carri J.

    Ah cool thanks. I've just done 342 at early learning. They had some stuff 50% off in 342 as well xx

  • Isabelle B.

    Hope this is true, really want to start getting in now for Christmas xx

  • Jennifer G.

    Anyone know if kids micro scooters are included ? X

  • Faye H.

    Thanks been waiting for something to come up new it would be next week cos smyths are doing their offer then too x

  • Gemma W.

    Are all toys included? Such as lego and barbie play sets??? X

    • LeighK36

      Not everything but a large selection of lego and Barbie stuff usually is

  • Shelley B.

    I was wondering about this!

  • Nealey W.

    You star thank you!! Been waiting for this xx

  • Sara-Jayne W.

    Sounds like a plan. I need to go through what iv got and make a list of what I need lol xx

  • Ashleigh H.

    I shall reserve on Tuesday just in case!!

  • Vthom7

    does anyone know of elc toys are usually included in the Argos 3 for 2 offer?

  • Nicola S.

    , this might get us started :joy:

  • Emma A.

    They put the prices of everything up xx

  • Helen H.

    :smiley::smiley::smiley::tada::tada::tada: yipeee ! Xx

  • Bethan M.

    After they've put their prices up over the last days :rage:

  • Shaun A.

    Have to have a look at that :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Kate L.

    Anyone know how long it’s on for? Xx

  • Emma A.

    Smyths have £10 off 50, £20 off £100 and prices arnt changed. Think I’m done for toys though xx

  • Lucy L.

    I was wanting to buy two bikes and a trampoline - anyone know if these items are usually included in the 3 for 2?

    • Moe C.

      Bikes have doubled in price, don't know about trampolines, xx

    • Leanne C.

      I tried to get a bike last year and it wasn't included. I went to Smyths and they actually worked out cheaper than the 3 for 2 would have made them anyway :blush:

    • Nichola T.

      Bikes are included but only up to 20 inch x

    • Sara F.

      I always get bikes in the offer :grinning:I've got three girls so I save loads

    • Lucy L.

      Thanks everyone - I've been watching the bikes for a bit and did notice the price increase but it still works out cheaper if everything I want is included x

  • Moe C.

    Watch out guys it's a con they've up all their prices, xxx

    • Siöbhan M.

      It's cheaper to buy them via amazon than do the 342

    • Jessica A.

      Definitely! A frozen ride on I was going to get for my daughter last week but never got chance to go, £19.99 last week now £39.99! And lots other things gone up too even things I got cheaper last Christmas right con

  • Lianne R.

    Not all products are included though so no point reserving as not all the items you reserve might be in the offer. Tried it last time the 3for2 was on and not all paw patrol stuff was included

    • Donna S.

      That’s what I want but prices seemed to have crept up :weary::weary::weary:

    • Lianne R.

      Always happens! I'm after some of the big paw patrol playsets but can guarantee they all won't be on the offer

  • Lisa J.

    Woo hoo!!!!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Donna S.

    Toys r us have that offer aswell but unlike smyths you can use it online x

  • Lynsy J.

    Anyone know when Very 3for2 toys is on again?

  • Samantha L.

    Yep already waiting lol x

  • Louise S.

    OMG I am buying no more eeekk! !! Xx

  • Sam L.

    I'll have to have a look at that xxx

  • Lana G.

    How do we know what's excluded for reserving today to pick up tomorrow?

  • Angela C.

    Prices increased in advance. Con!

  • Jennifer B.

    I did this offer last year.....then when the sale was over the prices went back to normal, even getting 1 free I was still down about £90 :confused:

  • Helen S.

    Toys r us are doing £10 off £50 spend online or in store as well x

  • Tracy W.

    Ooh may have to get some bits

  • Robyn L.

    No way we have to go nd look xx

  • Rosie E.

    Thank u!!! That's fab!!! Xx

  • Donna R.

    Thank you lovely. Smyths have £10 off a £50 spend and £20 off a £100 and that starts today :smile::smile:

  • Charlotte R.

    Aww brilliant happy pay day lol x

  • Lauren P.

    Im doing it in 3 orders me so im picking what my free stuff is

  • Zoe C.

    I've my stuff in the basket

  • Robyn L.

    Mint idea I'll look tonight xxx

  • Stacey D.

    I'm going down Friday to raid smyths. Everything she wants from there basically :grin::grin:

  • Rachel P.

    I ain’t even thought what to get yet lol

  • Keri A.

    Already reserved my stuff :sunglasses:xxx

  • Sarah P.

    :grimacing: it cannot be that time already!!!

  • Jamie-louise H.

    If only my kids will stop changeing there mind abouy what they want :joy: think ill have to leave it last minute lol

  • Donna W.

    Wish it told u what was included

  • Stacey A.

    Bloody hell that time of year again :weary:

  • Sherri J.

    Aw thanks, will get my list sorted x

  • Alice B.

    So glad i reserved everything yesterday!!! Nothings in stock or can not be found :thinking::thinking:

    • Jennifer J.

      I did this tooo thank god

    • Lynsey M.

      I did this too. I just new everything would be sold out today and when i checked this morning they were. So glad i did it yesterday x

  • Dawn M.

    - good deal if you’ve still got any Christmas shopping left lol xx

  • Margaret C.

    Check before u go folks as a lot of items have shot up in price for tjis offer as it always does so shop around

  • Joanne T.

    Fab!!!! Thanks for letting me know!! Xx

  • Louise H.

    Non of the items I wanted is included in the offer :confused:

  • Moe C.

    Watch prices folks they have upped there prices so much, xx

  • Caroline T.

    Will have to have a look

  • Nicole R.

    I'll have a look today thanks xx

  • Claire M.

    5 out of 6 items I wanted not in the offer! x

    • Emma S.

      O god I hadn’t even thought about that, just assumed it was on everything. :pensive::weary:

    • Annabelle S.

      Try it anyway one of my items isn't in the offer but the system still accepted it for 3 for 2

  • Heather A.

    The main stuff I want isn’t in the offer :rage:

    • Heather A.

      Turns out everything I wanted was on the offer! Don’t think the app was updating quick enough this morning. Christmas sorted for my son! :blush:

  • Louise D.

    3 of my 6 not in stock and 1 of the 3 I want not in offer !! Think I'll go to smyths instead

    • Laura R.

      The stuff I'm looking isn't in stock either :weary:

  • Lindsay D.

    Nothing decent in stock and prices r higher for some things than buying off Amazon even with the 3 for 2 offer :angry:

  • Ashley O.

    Mmmm so out of the 6 items I reserved which were all 24.99, all of them have went up in price some by £8 which means when I buy the 6 items I'm really only getting 1 free and not 2 because of the price increase! I can probably get these items cheaper coming up to Christmas elsewhere!

    • Kate D.

      I noticed the same some knew was £20 bout ten o'clock last night. Looked this morning £28 xx

    • Stephanie T.

      Do two separate reserves. Worked for me x

    • Natalie S.

      Depends on price, you’ll always get the cheapest items free. If you put them separate you’re in control of what you’re getting free

    • JoJo G.

      What ashley means is that they have put the prices up so she isnt actually getting 2 free toys as she is paying over the retail price anyway!

    • Ashley O.

      Yes that's what I mean! All my items to begin with cost £24.99 so 6 items at this price cost £150 but I was getting them for £100 but since Argos has increased the price of all these items making them total to £190 but with two items off I'll be paying £130! That's not even one of my items free it's just £20 off in total! Which I could probably save more elsewhere! Not worth it really!

    • Sam P.

      Smyths toy store have £10 off for every £50 You spend at the moment. Might work out a bit better??

    • Kerry C.

      I was told by an argos colleague that your supposed to get he Price you reserved it at so if went up over night that is wrong you shouldn't have to pay that x

    • Lisa R.

      Kerry Anne Campbell-Wilde yes you can get it at the price you reserved it at- but u won't be able to use it in conjunction with the 3 for 2

    • Heather A.

      Really?! All of mine were at the price in the catalogue. Items may have been at an offer price before this offer? One of mine was £20 yesterday but went up to £27 today - but it’s £27 in catalogue so can’t really complain

    • Stella B.

      If you have reserved them at that price you have them at that price. X

    • Stella B.

      I went in today and 1 of my items was gone up from 39.99 to 49.99 so I said no it's 39.99 on my reservation and I wants it at that price and the lady done it for me X

    • Paula H.

      Kerry Anne Campbell-Wilde Apparently this isn't working at all stores. There's also issues with it saying a price online but when you put it in the basket it comes up more expensive and argos are refusing to honour the price it says and says you have to pay the higher price.

    • Ashleigh D.

      I reserved everything i wanted yesterday, done click and collect for today. Went to pick them up and some items had gone up in price but they honoured the cheaper price I had reserved it at :grimacing:

    • Laura D.

      I had the cheaper price honoured and 3 for 2

    • Catherine B.

      Thought I was going mad, one of the things I wanted went up £20!

    • Rachel S.

      I got them at the price I reserved them at yesterday and on the 3 for 2 today you just have to go in and ask x

    • Kerry C.

      Lisa Rice no this isn't true, I had this and they put it though at what the reserved price was and I also got it within the 3 for 2 offer.

    • Kerry C.

      I think it depends on each store, some are more lenient and not jobs worths. The store I used were really good x

  • Haylea P.

    Iv resvered loads this morning :see_no_evil: xx

  • Elaine M.

    Ellie's done. Not a clue what to get Thomas

  • Leeann M.

    Yip I reserved Lion Guard playset at £30.49 and it's now £37.99 with the two other toys in now be cheaper to buy at Smyths with the £10 off, shocking Argos you can cancel my reserved order!!

    • Laura M.

      Did they make a fuss about it Zara Ann as I'm planning on picking my bits up later that have now gone up in price :confused:

    • Kim M.

      They told me you reserve the item not the price :rage:

  • Mandy F.

    Prices gone up its just a con :rage: got my things from the entertainer

  • Donna S.

    Bloody big con lol non of stuff I want is on the offer and I’ve noticed prices have shot up when asked them about this I got it’s well within there rights to price change :rolling_eyes: they’ve also done it on a baby item I wanted it only went up by £5 but not the point don’t think it’s fair x

  • Faye E.

    startinng my crimbo shopping next week the midge has a list as long as my arm :joy: xx

  • Faye E.

    bex wants a bike an electric scooter a massive frozen doll house and aload off dressing up stuff xx

  • Maxine B.

    I reserved the iron man gloves 19.99 yesterday they are 24.99 today! Also a turtles toy I reserved yesterday isn't on the 3 for 2 so that's thrown me right off lol

    • Kate D.

      Yes they honour reservation price x

    • Maxine B.

      Thank you they did give it me for the 19.99

  • Marcella J.

    I had to start early got 6bairns and grandchild number 15 on the way lol xxxx

  • Jenni N.

    It depends what ur after wi tje 3 for 2. The lego i wanted for josh is 120 and 130 in argos 85 each in smyths and the basketball thing was 120 in argos so wouldve cost 250 in argos and some was out of stock for home del and some in store so i wouldve had to go to edin to get it all. I ordered lego on smyths getting a 20 voucher for doing it and the b ball on amazon exact same at half the price and it all gets delivered right to my door at 40 less.

  • Jenni N.

    Yup love a wee shop! :rolling_eyes:

  • Donna S.

    Except there's no stock of anything anyone actually wants :rage: x

  • Tel B.

    Batman toy £45 now £70!!!!!

  • Rachel P.

    Just crap! Nothing we want is in stock or included in the sale!

  • Kayla R.

    The one toy I actually wanted isn't in the 3 for 2.. Smyths for me tomorrow :)

  • Charlotte J.

    I was meant to save £30 and the next day the prices shot up and I was only going to save £5 so I’ll shop elsewhere!

  • Laura C.

    The only three things I wanted were not part of the deal!!

  • Fiona C.

    everythi g i want is out of stock so just going smyths tomorrow xxx

  • Terri H.

    Reserved yesterday and if collected yesterday i would of got a better deal have increased 2 of my 3 items by £15 each. Hardly 342 offers if your just going to increase the price of most things. Rip off

    • Gemma P.

      I've hardly bought anything this year. Going Smyth's their offer works out better for me xxx

    • Terri H.

      It's not even an offer I done it last year and was really good this year they shouldn't of bothered. They have the same thing in asda £25 and Argos charging £40 It's a big difference xx

    • Laura H.

      Bloody hell. What a cheek! So two items were more expensive today in the 342 offer? Xxx

    • Terri H.

      When I reserved yesterday the total was £76 for 3 items today for 342 £80 and your meant to be only paying for 2 if I was to pay all 3 would work out £105 not really a offer xx

    • Terri H.

      I wouldn't bother I wouldn't mind I phoned this morning spoke to someone called Anthony who confirmed I would get at price I reserved at and the 342 offer but got there and they refused xxx

    • Zara A.

      If they have been reserved they have to honour the price. They did it for me this morning.

  • Deborah W.

    I've been looking but nothing taking my fancy :thinking:xx

  • Karen M.

    Well all the things I reserved were in stock and they hadn't gone up in price! I searched around to see if I could get a better deal elsewhere but Argos 3 for 2 was the best!

    • Melissa E.

      Same here! Seems like we're the only 2 who didn't have price increases!

    • Karen M.

      yeah the way I see it is that all the toys were on offer before the 3 for 2 so people should have bought them then! How did they expect to get both deals?!???!

    • Sandra O.

      No me to to checked prices online everywhere else and saved about 100 pound today with 3 for 2 :thumbsup:

  • Laura S.

    All the comments on here are saying they have put the prices up so doesn't work out 342 xx

  • Amanda A.

    Enchantamils were £6.49 until 05.55 this morning then 3 for 2 kicked in and they went up to £8.99 and the house from £25 to £32 :rolling_eyes:

    • Sarah L.

      That's because they had the 25% offer in now it's finished they've went back to normal prices

  • Cheryl M.

    I had a look yesterday and went online this morning to reserve 3 items but didn't bother as they had increased the prices overnight :thinking:

    • Sarah A.

      I've done really well with my 3for2 Ella's now getting a doll I said I wouldn't get as it's free. The will do it again so if the items go down reserve the day before x

  • Nicki B.

    Every time they run this offer they put prices back up first and yet this still surprises people and the reason nothing is in stock is because people reserve a load of stuff the day before! I only ever use this offer on small stocking fillers on bit which were full price before anything reduced before I just buy then as I know it will have gone up xx

  • Stacey G.

    I am .. I'm adding to basket in Argos then googling prices of stuff I want see if it works out cheaper ! X

  • Mary L.

    Good if the things you want are in stock

  • Aimee-Lee A.

    Everything I reserved yesterday are still the same price today and have not increased!

  • Claire-louise B.

    Bit late lol ordered mine yesterday

  • Sabrina K.

    I reserved 2 barbie dolls and they've added £6 per doll....I don't think so Argos...shove it!

  • Lynsey M.

    I reserved the Paw Patrol My size lookout tower, Paw Patroller and Sea Patroller yesterday and im glad i did because they were sold out everywhere today x

  • Haley A.

    Seems rubbish this year. Hardly anything popular included in the offer and what is had been hugely hiked up in price!

  • Hazel B.

    I can’t get any of the stuff I wanted!! X

  • Sinéad N.

    Not long till it's Christmas :heart_eyes::grin:

  • Joan M.

    Xmas here we come xxx!!lol

  • Suzie G.

    The boy has his eye on this :joy:

  • Sam L.

    I reserved 9 things one of which was 74.99 when I reserved it when I went to pick up it had gone to 99.99 but I just mentioned it and they reduced it to the price I reserved it at everything else stayed the same price

  • Lois L.

    Just saw it - bday shopping for the boy now! Thanks :kissing_heart:

  • Diana T.

    Ohhh I'm just looking at this. :kissing_heart:

  • Mandi R.

    When's the next 3 4 2 does any body know ?.? Will there be another before Xmas ??? Xx

  • Rebecca A.

    Just be careful! Prices have been hiked

  • Romana B.

    Everything i wanted has either gone up in price one from £34 to £50 or its not in the 3 for 2!! Very disappointed in Argos this year i'll be going to Smyths for my shopping this year xx

  • Annie W.

    Includes the Lego advent calendars loving it ...

  • Kelley B.

    I wouldn't bother..... Nothing at all in stock!

  • Sandie D.

    I reserved yesterday and they are on the 3 for 2 and they honoured the original sale price so I got a good deal x

  • Colin C.

    Go to Amazon and buy the one thing you actually want they have reduced there prices dramatically on some very good toys:smiley:

  • Rachel S.

    I got them at the price I reserved them at yesterday and on the 3 for 2 today x

  • Tina A.

    If you pre-order and the price has increased when you go to collect Argos honour the price when you pre ordered it :wink:

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