Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins £39 @ Asda George

Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins £39 @ Asda George

Kids got Christmas money to spend? The Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins are reduced from £55 to just £39. These are quite popular, and are much better at under £40 than over £50.

The Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins come as an egg that'll hatch when rubbed and loved. Inside you can expect to find TWO Hatchimals, instead of one.

One twin moves about and the other twin will repeat whatever you say. They learn new things as you play with them.

They will talk, dance, sing, tell jokes, play games and even more. Plus, they will interact with each other, argue and say "I love you".

You can Click and Collect the Hatchimals Surprise Zuffin Twins for FREE from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.


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  • Laura L.

    better than 70quid!! :scream:

    • Wendy A.

      we paid £75 for shaunas one :rage:

      • Alicia S.

        I guess this will be Amiyah bday pressie :rolling_eyes:

        • Lisa E.

          Love that my daughters birthday is January, bought some great bargains for her

          • Kerry B.

            That's because that's probably not far off what they're actually worth... I'm very annoyed at the price we paid for our girls to have the peacats and puppydees, they hatched with hardly any interaction and all they do is move up and down, make random noises and have flashing eyes... Even furbys were better :joy:

            • Kelly T.

              I can’t work them out !!!

              • Jenny C.

                Anyone who watched the farce of hatchinals 2016 would have known to stay well clear of these. Most didn’t work, those that did didn’t open properly & once they’d hatched the kids lost all interest & despite there being a huge shortage everywhere pre Christmas, causing some crazy triple figure prices, they were miraculously in stock & plentiful come the Boxing Day sales & Yes, half price or less.

                • Kelly L.

                  My daughter said the furbys were alot better too

                • Sarah L.

                  haha we got ours off amazon! I was so impressed with how it hatched :joy::joy::joy:

                  • Emma G.

                    Do these do the same as normal hatchimals??

                    • Jodie C.

                      Got Lotties birthday en I :persevere:. Omg she had some of the tiny little hatchamials in her stocking and had a right meltdown because maddy started cracking the 1 out the egg :unamused:

                      • Melissa M.

                        Leah had the box of 12 and hatched them all one after the other. One come out she went OMG it’s a rare one :joy: #youtubelover

                        • Ria S.

                          Still not spending £39 :joy::joy::joy:

                          • Simon E.

                            That’s about what they’re worth!

                            • Emily B.

                              What!! It’s worth it for that!! You get two!

                              • Andrea N.

                                People saying they paid £75 for them I dont think they are worth £39.

                                • Stacey S.

                                  She already has these she got them for Xmas xx

                                  • Cerys J.

                                    She got them for xmas. Bloody waste of money :joy: xx

                                    • Natalie E.

                                      I need birthday presents lol xxx

                                      • Fae S.

                                        Well this is a bargain isn't it xxx

                                        • Fae S.

                                          I don't even know how they work tbh haha xxx

                                          • Nicole T.

                                            Glad I only paid 49 for hers

                                            • Simon G.

                                              Send it back get a refund and go and buy these one a bit of hassle be will save a few quid . I’m happy with what I got I paid £49 on amazon