Hasbro Guess Who £8.17 @ Tesco Direct

Hasbro Guess Who £8.17 @ Tesco Direct

Guess WhoI always make sure we get at least one game, preferably more, in the present pile at Christmas. It makes an ideal filler for a nice, relaxing way to pass the time post Christmas dinner. Unless you're really determined to watch the Queen's  Speech that is! This old favourite, Hasbro's Guess Who, is on sale at Tesco Direct for £8.17. That's a saving of £4.50.

This is a two player game. The premise is simple. You have to guess who your opponent has, and they do the same. There's a set number of people it might be, and you can take turns making guesses about the mystery character your opponent has. When you eliminate the wrong faces, you'll eventually narrow the choices down to just one! The things is though, can you do it faster than your opponent can guess yours? It is all in the questions you ask.

I discovered, in my travels about the internet looking for more information on this game, that you can download and print additional character cards from the Hasbro website. This was on the American site, so I don't know if it'll work with this particular game. But worth checking out if you buy this. Could freshen up the game a bit once you've played it for a while!

Thanks to bec3105 at HUKD!


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