GX Racers Mega Launcher Track Set @ 101CD.com

GX Racers Mega Launcher Track Set @ 101CD.com

GXRacers1I was never a girly girl, into princesses and Barbies. We got cars and toy railways, which were a lot more fun. And if you’ve got a boy you’ll know how obsessed they are about cars. My son got given his first Hot Wheels track for his first birthday, and he quickly mastered using it! This is a huge bargain then, especially if you want to stock up on birthday or Christmas present toys. The GX Racers Mega Launcher Track Set is normally priced between £30 and £50, but at 101CD.com you can get it for £14.99 with delivery.

GXRacers2The GX Racers brand differs from other car toy sets in that it isn’t about racing so much as it is about doing stunts with the cars. Which is great news for the parents, as this is way more fun to play with your kids than watching two cars go round and round the same track. The track is suited to children aged 5 and up, and comes with a car. The manufacturer has this to say about the stunt performing ability of the cars: “Running over tightropes, and jumping 10ft in the air, GX Racers offer entertainment on-track or off-road. Even on four wheels, the gyroscopic extreme racers can run a tightrope, high above the ground! The Mega Launcher Track Set allows you to launch cars onto the ground or the tightrope!

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