The Gruffalo’s Child Soft Toy £13.99 @

The Gruffalo’s Child Soft Toy £13.99 @

The Gruffalo’s Child never really hit the same note with our family as the original Gruffalo did. Even the animated movie over Christmas was a bit, well, blah in comparison. However, this adorable Gruffalo’s Child toy is too cute for words.

This 16 inch soft toy has been reduced from £24.99 to £13.99 – a saving of £11 off the original price. You will get this with their usual free delivery, although Play tends to take ages to post stuff off with this option.

This cute little Gruffalo’s Child soft toy comes complete with the stick dolly that the Gruffalo made for her and the trademark yellow eyes. Poor thing doesn’t even have a name. Imagine growing up with the moniker Gruffalo’s Child as opposed to say, Snarl Tooth, or something.

Anyway, it is on sale and the delivery is free and it is dead cute. A fluffy fun bargain for all.

Thanks to Syzable at HUKD!


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