The Gruffalo's Child 9 Inch Skittles £22.73 Delivered @ Amazon

The Gruffalo's Child 9 Inch Skittles £22.73 Delivered @ Amazon

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The Gruffalo is a favourite for many children. Amazon are selling The Gruffalo's Child 9 inch Skittles for only £22.73 delivered. Gruffalo stuff remains popular and sometimes we are lucky to find you Gruffalo deals. This is a good deal, at £22.73 this is the cheapest this has ever been on Amazon. As if that was impressive enough, it’s a whopping £39.99 at places like Early Learning Centre and Mothercare.

Kids love simplicity, and the game of skittles is as simple as it goes. A game that all the family love and one that even the older generation like Granny and Grandad will enjoy playing. These are official Gruffalo characters like Owl, Mouse, Fox, Snake, Squirrel and most importantly everyone’s favourite Gruffalo, in the form of skittles. There is, of course, a ball to knock them down with.

These are beautifully soft and plush. These skittles are perhaps a bit too nice to get dirty in the garden, and due to their soft toy nature I am guessing cleaning them wouldn’t be an easy feat. They come with a zip case to keep them all together.

Why not grab your Gruffalo’s Child 9 inch skittles with free delivery from Amazon today?

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