Giraffalaff Limbo Set £6 @ Debenhams

30 July 2011

giraffalaff limbo This could be a great game for the garden, or to have in stock for pulling out for parties or picnics in the park. The Giraffalaff Limbo Set has been reduced from £20 to £6 by Debenhams. Delivery costs £3.95 or is free if you can collect from the store.

It comes with a self-assembly limbo toy that consists of a Giraffalaff plaque with two clips, three foam tubes, an electronic module with a support tube, eight leaf bar supports, two three-piece limbo poles and two bases. The game is played using the spinner and instructions.

One customer reviewer on the site described it as "a great idea hours of amusement for the family". It doesn't say on the site how tall this limbo toy is, but I presume that it can be lowered to heights suitable for mum and dad as well as the kids. I might pretend though that only children are allowed to use it. I don't think I'm flexible enough for this anymore!

The toy is recommended for ages three plus. Although I am not sure why. Presumably it is because it has electronic bits, and parts might be a choking hazard. But honestly try keeping a 2 year old from wanting to join in with the fun!

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