Gas Out Game £10 @ Amazon

Gas Out Game £10 @ Amazon

Most kids love toilet humour so when I saw this Gas Out Game I had to share with you guys. It's a game you won't mind playing with the kids and it's a great Christmas Present for those cheeky little ones. Amazon are selling it for just £10 at the moment which is fantastic considering it's £14.99 at Argos and £16.99 at Toys R Us.

Gas Out is for those of you that find a fart funny. Up to six people can play at once.

Players take turns to place a card down. The number you get on the card is the number of time you have to press Guster, the electronic fart cloud. When Guster is full of discomfort, it'll let out a giant FART.

It's not too taxing on the brain for kids and is a fun game for the family to play on Christmas Night or Boxing Day.

You can have the Gas Out Game delivered for FREE when spending £20+ or if you are an Amazon Prime Member. If you don't have Amazon Prime and you don't want to spend as much as £20, then delivery is £3.99.


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  • Emily V.

    shady would love this ! X

    • Vicki F.

      haha evie will love this

      • Hayley J.

        Ffs lol xx

        • Tracey F.

          of course she would lol xx

        • Lesley E.

          This is right up Fraser's street :joy:

          • Roisin P.

            This was on my sons Xmas list so just ordered, thanks xx

            • Kim G.

              Cole needs this :joy::joy:

              • Kirsty D.

                Ethan would love this xx

                • Grace P.

                  They had this on display at smyths my boys were in fits at it