FyrFlyz Assortment £2 @ Amazon

FyrFlyz Assortment £2 @ Amazon

Amazon sort of faded away in January I noticed, with not so many great deals hanging about. Well, they seem to have kicked February off with a bang. Here is yet another great deal for kids with the FyrFlyz assortment down from £7.99 to only £2. Nice.

The FyrFlyz are a revolutionary new spinning toy that puts the power to create amazing light shows into every child’s hands. The FyrFlyz are precision balanced instruments that are designed to spin on their axes and they can create continuous movement in figures of eight, Saturn Rings, Shooting Stars and more.

They can do this by swinging the connection strings and either applying tension or allowing slack. The real fun begins when the lights go out and the FyrFlyz multi-colour LED lights turn the movement into amazing light shows that kids will love. Kids can learn tricks as they go and as they improve they will come up with more and more variations. I love these!

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD!


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    Found a review for these here if it helps anyone?