FurReal Friends Cuddle Chimp £14.99 @ Argos

5 November 2010

Argos FurReal Cuddle Chimp These FurReal Friends animals seem to me to be the weirdest, and creepiest, toys ever invented. Well almost the creepiest. The strange staring animals with the eyes that light up probably take that prize. But I'm not a small child and they do seem to find these particularly attractive. I don't understand why but then I'm probably not supposed to! Argos has the FurReal Friends Cuddle Chimp on half price sale at the moment, £14.99 instead of £29.99.

Chimp-tastic! Click here for Cuddles at Argos

The site describes the Cuddle Chimp as an "interactive baby chimp that responds to feeding, tickling and hugging with life-like movements with its arms, head and face." Apparantly it makes realistic baby chimp sounds.

It comes with its own banana bottle, which is rather cute! I also like that the Argos site feels it has to point out that "no animal fur is used in the production of FurReal toys." Presumably for all those people who don't get that FurReal is a play on the term For Real, and not an indication that it has real fur!

This toy is suited to children aged four years and over. It requires three C batteries, and these are not included. Delivery is free if you arrange to collect in store. Home delivery costs £5.95, and the charge is the same no matter how many (small) items you buy. It is more expensive for large items. However, the Cuddle Chimp was out of stock for home delivery when I checked this morning, and I had no choice but to reserve for store pick up. It was in stock in a large number of stores around where I live, but with only one or two available so this is a bargain you'll need to snap up fast.

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