Furby Connect £59.97 @ Asda George

Furby Connect £59.97 @ Asda George

The price is dropping like crazy on the Furby Connect right now (could it be the Hatchimals effect?) and today Asda have dropped the price down to just £59.97! That's a whopping £40 less than the RRP!

This Furby Connect friend has a light-up antenna that glows when there's something new to discover in the free Furby app, including music and videos. It speaks in both Furbish and English, and it's colourful eyes display more than 150 animations to help express what Furby wants.

You can interact with your Furby Connect friend by petting, tickling, or shaking Furby, turning Furby upside down, or even moving its antenna like a joystick.

Need a rest? This Furby Connect friend comes with a sleep mask. Just put the sleep mask on, and it's good night Furby. To wake Furby up, remove the sleep mask and Furby will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for more fun.

Click and collect is free, or home deliver costs £2.95.

Thanks to bargainbeast1985


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  • Erin J.

    shoulda just got one of these :rolling_eyes:

    • Kimberley B.

      :joy: no she will love that bloody Hatchimal or so be it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

    • Donna K.

      Whats difference between this and hatchimal pls

      • Emma F.

        From all the reviews it seems Ferby are far better in terms of interaction.

        • Kamila B.

          Furby seems way better. Looks less stiff and has the eye display, which is just too cute. You can learn to speak his language, it has an app you can use along with it for interaction and games. I just persuaded my daughter to change her mind, she wanted a hatchimal which is obvs not available anywhere. We watched a YouTube video for both and Furby wins hands down, especially that with this deal they are same price.

        • Angela M.

          bet they're going to sell fast!!

          • Jayne B.

            I thought you were having a rest not internet shopping for me :grimacing:

          • Nicola P.

            60 quid in asda! Bargain x

            • Sian W.

              OMG xx

              • Nicola P.

                get ordering one:joy: xx

              • Sharon S.

                God even cheaper thanks getting that Friday. X

                • Sarah R.

                  Blimming ek..bought two for my kids yesterday at £75 each...wish i had waited a bit longer now :flushed:

                  • Layla M.

                    I've ordered again & returning mine as I've done the same x

                  • Laura T.

                    Would rather get one of those than a hatchimal

                    • Danielle T.

                      That's good! Same price as the hatchimals!xx

                      • Sian S.

                        Already ordered one from Asda and been to Argos to get a refund

                        • Michelle M.

                          If it has been reduced by £40, then it's £40 overpriced to start with. Really annoys me!

                          • Lisa C.

                            Even £60 is expensive. Kids toys r well over priced. Chloe wants one of them egg toys but I refuse to pay £60 for a teddy that hatches. 5 minute wonder. X.

                            • Lorene D.

                              Bring nosey, but if u go on eBay they have eggs for under £5 that hatch into dinosaurs.. u keep them in water and the dinosaur grows, kinda like an alien baby?.. worth a try to save a fortune lol, they are about the same size as those hatchems... :)!