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Kids can be pretty annoying at times. Trust me I know and I sympathise, I really do. Even though they can seriously grate on our nerves, we love them so we look for solutions to keep them from being so testing. Try these FREE online games at Playmobil, they are pretty simple so will suit children aged four years old and above, well so I think.

The games are all themed on worlds from Playmobil toys. Each game is easy to play and should theoretically keep the kiddies from being bored for at least fifteen minutes.

There's a choice of nineteen worlds, in each world is a couple of games. City Action, Top Agents 2. Western and many more.

These games are to play online and require no registration and no downloaded. This is a relief because I hate having to fill in numerous forms just so my kids can play on games. Plus normally you end up getting lots of spam in your inbox. There's none of that with these.

I have just played on the Pirate Coin game, and it's nice and fun for little ones. Games like this help their concentration skills.

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